Bigg Boss Telugu: S6: E17: Adavilo AataIt’s day 16 in the Bigg Boss house.

The house turned into a jungle for the captaincy contenders’ task.

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Adavilo Aata
Adavilo Aata is the captaincy contenders’ task for the third week. Bigg Boss turned the house into a jungle. The housemates are divided into two groups. One of them is police and the other is thieves. Geethu is the businesswoman of the jungle.

Adi Reddy, Faima, Marina, Rohith, Sri Satya, Chanti, Raj, Inaya, Baladitya

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Revanth, Arohi, Sudeepa, Vasanthi, Neha, Keerthi, Shrihan, Surya, Arjun

Police Head – Adi Reddy
Thieves Head – Surya

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Businesswoman – Geethu

By the end of the game, if thieves win over Police, they will become the captaincy contenders. If police win over thieves, they will become the captaincy contenders. If Geethu accomplishes her task successfully, she will become the captaincy contender.

Inaya vs Revanth
During the game, Inaya talked addressed Shrihan in singular noun and it angered him. On top of that, when Neha was injured, Inaya commented that there is no truth in it, but it was a strategy. It angered him further. Revanth too, joined the argument, and Inaya addressed him also in the singular noun. Both Revanth and Shrihan fired on her, asking if she did not know how to respect others or behave mannerly. Revanth got a bit aggressive, but the house calmed them down.

Top Performer
Geethu seems to be the top performer of the task as she is playing with proper strategies.

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