Bigg Boss Telugu: S6: E11: Revanth's Revenge on GeethuIt’s day 10 in the Bigg Boss house.

The Sisindri task resumed on day ten as well.

Midnight Thieves
Although the Sisindri task was paused during the night, the contestants continued to play it by finding opportunities to steal the dolls.

Geethu stole a couple of dolls, and Shrihan also stole Arjun Kalyan’s doll late in the night.

Revanth’s revenge
In the morning, Geethu kept her doll in the store room and went to the washroom. Revanth spotted it and quickly placed it in the lost and found region. It was Geethu who threw Revanth out of the game, and when he got the chance, Revanth took revenge.

Ring Lopalunnode King
The challenge was to pick the second captaincy contender. Arohi, Arjun Kalyan, Faima, Keerthi Bhat, and Inaya took part in the challenge. Everyone has to wrestle inside the ring by using a shield. The contestant who stays in the ring for a long time and pushes others out of the ring will win the challenge. Inaya won the challenge and became the second captaincy contender.

Ice Cream Time
This was the last challenge that took place in the house to pick two more contenders for the captaincy. Rohith-Marina, Shani, RJ Surya, and Rajasekhar took part in the challenge.
Rajasekhar won the first round, and RJ Surya won the second round.
Thus, both got a chance to become captaincy contenders.

Captaincy Contenders for week 2
Inaya, Rajasekhar, Chanti, and RJ Surya