Bigg Boss Telugu S6: Chalaki Chanti EvictedBigg Boss Telugu is one of the entertaining reality shows in Telugu TV space. The reality show is hosted by Nagarjuna Akkineni. The sixth season is currently in progress. There are an interesting set of celebrities in the house right now. In the fifth week, it is Chalaki Chanti who will get evicted from the house.

Chalaki Chanti was one among the 8 contestants who were nominated for the fifth week. Marina Abraham, Vasanthi Krishna, Inaya Sulthana, Faima, Aadireddy, Baladitya, Chalaki Chanti and Arjun Kalyan are the others in the nominations.

Chalaki Chanti and Geethu were paired during the nominations. Bigg Boss asked them to choose who wants to get saved and who wants to get nominated. However, Geethu argued that she performs better than Chanti who intentionally did not argue but wanted to go into the nominations.

Chanti wanted to understand the pulse of the audiences in the issue he had with Keerthi Bhat and Geethu Royal last week. Chanti is definitely a contestant who could pull crowds but his eviction comes as a big shock to the followers of the TV show.