Bigg Boss Telugu - S6: Arjun Kalyan EvictedIt has been a tough week for the contestants of Bigg Boss. Needless to say, the cancellation of the captaincy task by the Big Boss himself, for lack the interest in the performance of the contestants, the show has suffered a low rating too. Now it looks like the makers have rolled up their sleeves.

According to our sources, it is reported that the contestant Arjun Kalyan is up for elimination this week. Although Arjun Kalyan is an active participant in the show, his behavior & decision-making was quite criticized & suffered a big effect not only on the game but also on the viewers. Over the weeks, along with his declining performance, the number of his supporters declined too.

Even Nagarjuna advised Arjun Kalyan last week about his lack of improvement in his performance. It looks like Arjun’s time is up in the show. Now, this week, Avika Gor & Rashmi Gautam shall be gracing the Diwali episode while Karti’s ‘Sardar’ team shall be visiting the show & contestants.