Nagarjuna-Akkineni-Bigg-Boss-Telugu-Season-6Bigg Boss Telugu is one of the biggest entertaining reality shows in Telugu. Nagarjuna Akkineni returned to the TV show as a host. The organizers have come up with a very interesting caption.

“Bigg Boss Season Six – Entertainment ki Adda Fix.”

There are 21 housemates in the sixth season of the TV show. The list goes as follows:

1. Keerthi Bhat – TV Artist
2. Pinky, aka Sudeepa – Character Artist
3. Shrihan – Youtuber
4. Neha Choudhary – VJ
5. Chalaki Chanti – Comedy Actor
6. Sri Satya – Model & Budding Actor
7. Arjun Kalyan – Youtuber & Budding Actor
8. Geethu Royal – RJ & TV Artist
9. Abhinaya Sri – Dancer
10. Marina Abraham & Rohith Saini – Married Couple – TV Serial Artists
11. Baladitya – Actor
12. Vasanthi Krishnan – Budding Actress
13. Shani Salmon – Actor
14. Inaya Sulthana – Youtuber
15. RJ Surya
16. Faima – Comedy actor
17. Adi Reddy – Youtuber (Common Man)
18. Rajasekhar – Model
19. Arohi – News Anchor
20. Revanth – Singer

The sixth season will take place for 100 days.

Popularity Quotient
With every season passing, the organizers are bringing in housemates who are not very popular with normal audiences. Most of the contestants are celebrities who shot to fame in the internet space.

Character Artist Sudeepa (Nuvvu Naku Nachhav fame), Abhinaya Sri (Aa Ante Amalapuram fame), Singer Revanth, Comedian Chalaki Chanti, and Baladitya are the most popular contestants in the sixth season. Marina Abraham and Rohith Saini couple is familiar to those who regularly watch TV serials.

All the other contestants are only popular on social media to the netizens.

Bigg Boss organizers introduced the concept of ‘common man’ in the house. But, they roped in a Youtuber who used to review Bigg Boss episodes on Youtube. So, technically, he is not a common man.

On the whole, the popularity quotient is not up to the mark.

Title Favourites
Singer Revanth could be the title favorite among the male contestants, while Marina Abraham could be the title favorite among the female contestants.

Non-Stop Streaming
Unlike the previous five seasons on TV, the viewers can stream the reality show’s sixth season non-stop 24/7 on Disney+ Hotstar.