Ravi Eliminated -Telugu Bigg Boss Season 5Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is currently in its fifth season. The show is at the end of the 12th week. In three more weeks, the show will come to an end. During the 12th week, everyone except the captain is in the nominations. Surprisingly, the social media reports confirm that Ravi is eliminated.

Ravi, Pinky, Sunny, Shanmukh, Siri, Sreeram and Kajal are in the nominations. Among these 7 inmates, Pinky is the weakest. Everyone thought that Pinky will be eliminated this week but it is Ravi who took the exit door this week.

Ravi is called Mass Maharaja of the TV industry for his popularity as a host. He survived 12 weeks in the Bigg Boss house despite being nominated almost every week. During the family reunion, his wife and daughter entered the Bigg Boss house.

Like the organizers say anything can happen in the Bigg Boss house, Ravi’s elimination news is no different. In fact, Ravi is the most popular contestant in the current season but his journey comes to an end.

The episode of Ravi’s eviction will be telecasted on Sunday’s episode.