Bigg Boss Telugu season- 5Bigg Boss Telugu is one of the popular reality shows in Telugu. The fifth season started on Sunday and Nagarjuna Akkineni returned to the show as the host. He earlier hosted the third and fourth seasons as well. For the first time in five years, the organizers introduced all the 19 contestants on the first day itself.

With 19 members in the Bigg Boss house, the audiences can expect unlimited entertainment for the next 100 days.

New Changes in the Bigg Boss House

This season, the Bigg Boss house underwent a change. It is common to see the organizers making changes to the house set. For the fifth season, the organizers changed the colors and made it spacious. With attractive interiors, the Bigg Boss house looks spacious.


19 Contestants entered the Bigg Boss house with different goals. All the 19 celebrities are related to the film and TV industry. The following is the list of contestants who entered the house. (in the order of their entry in the house).

1. Siri Hanmanth

Siri Big Boss Telugu 5

She shot to fame with short films on Youtube. Her goal is to provide unlimited entertainment to the viewers.

2. VJ Sunny

Bigg Boss Telugu 5

Sunny shot to fame with TV serial Kalyana Vaibhogame.

3. Lahari Shari

Bigg Boss Telugu 5

Lahari Shari is an artist trying to gain recognition in Telugu Cinema. She is also a model-turned anchor. She said that she wants to present her clear mind in the house and see what’s in store for her!

4. Sreerama Chandra

Bigg Boss Telugu 5Sreerama Chandra is the Indian Idol winner who needs no introduction to the Telugu audiences. He crooned many hit songs in Telugu and Hindi. Sreerama Chandra wants to reach more audiences with the Bigg Boss stint and also hopes to gain more opportunities to sing Telugu songs.

5. Choreographer turned TV Judge Anne

Bigg Boss Telugu 5Anne Master shot to fame for choreographing the Paisa Vasool title song. She worked with a lot of noted dance directors. Her goal is to become the season winner as the last four seasons witnessed a male winner.

6. Lobo

Bigg Boss Telugu 5Mahammad Khayyum aka Lobo started her career as a TV show host on Star MAA Music. He wants to up his game in life and reach more heights with this presence in the Bigg Boss house.

7. Actress Priya

Bigg Boss Telugu 5Priya is working as a character artist in Tollywood for over 19 years. She shot to fame after playing Richa Gangopadhyay’s wife in Prabhas’ Mirchi. She wants to come out of her comfort zone and make a self-discovery.

8. Jashwanth Padala aka Jessie

Bigg Boss Telugu 5Jashwanth Padala is a model and model trainer. He created a record in training models with ramp-walking.

9. Priyanka Singh

Bigg Boss Telugu 5She is transgender. Priyanka wants to inspire more people who struggle to identify themselves with gender.

10. Shanmukh Jaswanth

Bigg Boss Telugu 5Shanmukh Jaswanth aka Shannu is a Youtube sensation. He shot to fame with dance covers, short films, and web series. He was recently in the news for involving in a drunk and drive case. He agreed to be a part of the TV show to have a new experience.

11. Hamida

Bigg Boss Telugu 5Hamida is a budding actress in Telugu cinema who earlier acted in Sahasam Seyara Dhimbaka.

12. Natraj Master

Bigg Boss Telugu 5Natraj is a dance director who shot to fame with the Aata dance show. He is in the TV show to have a new experience.

13. Sarayu

Bigg Boss Telugu 5Sarayu is a Youtuber who did a lot of short films.

14. Vishwa

VishwaVishwa is an artist in Telugu TV and films.

15. Uma Devi

UmadeviUma Devi is a TV serial artist who wants to get a bigger exposure. She acts in the Karthika Deepam TV serial.

16. Maanas Nagulapalli

Bigg Boss Telugu 5Maanas is an actor who did a lot of films as a child artist. Later, he acted as a solo lead in films. He also acts in TV serials. He entered the Bigg Boss TV show to face a new challenge in life.

17. RJ Kajal

Bigg Boss Telugu 5Kajal started her career as Radio Jockey. She is also a dubbing artist.

18. Swetaa Varma

Bigg Boss Telugu 5Swetaa Varma is also a budding artist who already acted in a few feature films.

19. Ravi

Bigg Boss Telugu 5Ravi is an anchor and popular TV host. He is also an actor.

Bigg Tasks

The contestants played four tasks on their first day in the Bigg Boss house. These four tasks are qualifications for the participants to win the solo bed in the bedroom.

1. Garland Task – Siri Hanmanth, VJ Sunny, Lahari, Sreerama Chandra and Anne Master played this task. The winner of the task is VJ Sunny.

2. Pakdo Pakdo Task – Lobo, Priya, Jessie, Priyanka, and Shanmukh played the task. Priyanka is the winner of the task.

3. Kulfi Task – Hamida, Natraj, Sarayu, Uma Devi, and Vishwa played the task. Vishwa won the task.

4. Roll Baby Roll Task – Maanas, Kajal, Ravi and Swetaa Varma played the task. Maanas won the task.

Final Task

In the final task, the four winners are asked to choose a box from the available four boxes. Vishwa’s box consisted a key to open the bedroom. He also got access to a solo bed. He said that he will transfer it to Priyanka Singh.


Among the 19 contestants, Sreerama Chandra, Shanmukh Jaswanth, and Anchor Ravi are the three contestants who have more popularity. The rest of the 16 contestants are mostly new to the viewers. Siri Hanmanth, VJ Sunny, Jessie, Priyanka Singh, Hamida, Sarayu, Uma Devi, Vishwa, Maanas, Kajal, and Swetaa Varma are new to most of the viewers.

Most Popular Contestants: Shanmukh Jaswanth, Anchor Ravi, and Sreerama Chandra

Least Popular Contestants: Jessie, Priyanka Singh, Hamida, and Vishwa

Exclusive Information

Most likely, there won’t be a wild-card entry this season in the Bigg Boss house. Depending on the TRP ratings, the show organizers might plan to introduce someone.

Initially, the organizers planned to send Anchor Ravi to a secret room but they reportedly dropped the idea.

When compared to the earlier four seasons, the fifth season is going to offer a lot of fun and entertainment. We have to see which participant will gain the maximum support of the audience.

Keep watching this space for much more interesting details of the TV show.