Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5-Episode 97

Bigg Boss Telugu TV show reached a crucial stage. The 14th week is coming to an end and the weekend episode will be exciting for all the viewers.

Stars & a Skit

The inmates turned star heroes and heroines for a task. Later, they played a skit and impressed everyone. Kajal especially played the skit well.

Kajal appealed for votes

Collectively, the house decided that Kajal is the best entertainer and she got a chance to appeal the votes.

Audiences Direct Attack on Inmates

Interestingly, the audience sent some interesting questions about the game of the inmates. Bigg Boss played different questions asked by the inmates on the plasma. Most of the questions are critical and controversial.

For Siri: Why don’t you consider yourself a strong player compared to Shanmukh?

Ans: I believe that I’m strong and there’s no truth that I’m not considering it. Shanmukh was with me in a lot of situations in the house. I’m emotionally connected to him. I want to see him in a good position.

For Kajal: When you discussed about respect with Anee master, how is it respectable to throw tissue at Sunny?

Ans: Since I’ve rapport with Sunny, I did it. I respect Sunny and like the way he plays.

For Sunny: How did you feel when you wore Guilty board and how did you regain confidence again?

Ans: Probably, I was angry and they gave me the board. But, I built back my confidence. I’m giving my best.

For Sreeram: You called Shanmukh immature. Later, you gave him a better ranking. Are you in his group now?

Ans: I’m not in any group. I later realized that he’s mature now.

For Maanas: Don’t you think Sunny is using your friendship to get votes from the audience?

Ans: I don’t think it’s correct. Our bonding grew over the weeks. He gives a lot of importance to friends. He’s not someone who thinks that he’ll grow using someone.

For Shanmukh: Why are you possessive of Siri? Why do you control her all the time and not let her be herself?

Ans: Yes. I’m feeling possessive. In some cases, I want to control her and in some cases, I let her be herself. I never controlled her in the game.

For Sunny: Why do you humiliate Kajal in front of everyone? She won an eviction-free pass for you.

Ans: I did it in a friendly way. I never did it wholeheartedly.

For Siri: You nominated Ravi and called him an influencer. But why did you say you are playing for Ravi and miss him during the ticket to finale?

Ans: I realized his value after he left the house. I miss him.

For Shanmukh: Why are you judging the audience?

Ans: I’m not judging but I’m just making assumptions.

For Sreeram: You played the game with your group but later proclaimed as a lone ranger. Are you trying to gain sympathy? Or is it a strategy? Even you wanted to burn both pictures in eviction-free pass task but when Kajal did it, why didn’t you take it?

Ans: I’m not gaining sympathy. I never claimed myself as a lone ranger. I think i overreacted in that task and spoke the same with Kajal.

For Maanas: Why did you back bitch Priyanka when you felt that she is your friend?

Ans: I’m sorry for making you feel like that. Priyanka, I’m sorry if that hurt you.

Kajal: You were friends with different people in the house and now you are with Sunny and Maanas. Are you using a friendship with everyone to play the game?

Ans: I didn’t form connections in the house only to play the game.

Sunny asks for votes

The inmates felt that Siri and Sunny gave honest answers. Two people voted for Siri and two people voted for Sunny. In the end, Sreeram voted for Siri but she sacrificed the chance to appeal for votes to Sunny and he asked for votes.