Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 - Episode 53This week’s task has come to an end on Wednesday. The task underwent interesting twists and turns. A total of 6 members will be contending for the captain position tomorrow.

Unfit Jessie

Jessie wanted to give up on the task but later he decided to participate. The house thought that Vishwa and Jessie will not participate but with Jessie’s entry, things became unsettled. After multiple rounds of discussions, Jessie announced that he is unsafe and added that he will stay out of the task. Jessie is facing health issues and stayed out of the task.

Rangu Paduddi

Anee and Priyanka Singh took part in the fourth challenge. Anee won the challenge and gained the access to the house.

Kajal vs Sunny

The final challenge was between Sunny and Kajal. Kajal lost the challenge and captain Sunny gained the access to the house.

Last Chance

Lobo, Jessie, Vishwa, Ravi, Maanas, Priyanka Singh, and Kajal were given one final chance to get an entry into the captaincy contender task. According to the task, there will be a ball inside a circle and the inmates will have to stand outside the circle. Whenever the buzzer rings, the inmates will have to grab the ball. The inmate who gets the ball will get a chance to eliminate others from the captaincy race.

One Man Show by Maanas

During the last chance, Maanas got the ball all the time. He successfully eliminated everyone and became the 6th person to enter the captaincy race.

Siri Upset; Shanmukh Apologizes

From the beginning, there are several instances in the Bigg Boss show where Siri became upset because of Shanmukh. Especially, Siri was completely disappointed with Shannu’s behavior last week. How much ever she tried to get closer to Shannu, he kept avoiding her. She was sad this week too. In the episode, Siri asked Shannu that they should do a song together and Shanmukh passed a comment that hurt Siri. She did not talk to him for some time but he apologized to her. She accepted the apology too!

Upcoming: Fight between Sunny & Sreeram

In the captaincy task, Sreeram defeats Sunny and starts provoking him. They both engaged in a verbal war. The promo already raised curiosity around the task.