Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 52The captaincy task in the eighth week is all about testing multiple skills of the inmates. With a palm called Abhayhastham set up in the garden area, Bigg Boss has given five different challenges to the inmates.

Pedda Bava, Chinna Bava, Bulli Bava

Priya considers most of the male inmates as her brothers except a few. She told Ravi that Sreeram is her Pedda Bava, Maanas is Chinna Bava and Jessie is Bulli Bava.

Second consistent Group in BB S5

Every season, the inmates will form into groups. This season is no exception. Already, we know that Siri, Jessie, and Shanmukh are a group. Now, another consistent group is growing in the house. Sreeram, Vishwa, Ravi, and Lobo are in a group. They are playing games by encouraging one another and are moving together as a group.

Bigg Boss house in lockdown

To participate in the captaincy task, the inmates will have to face some challenges. The inmates will have to discuss and decide among themselves about who will take part in the challenge. The winner of the challenge will overcome the lockdown phase and will have the access to go into the house. The inmate who loses a challenge can convince others to take part in another challenge.

Limited Slots for Captaincy

Bigg Boss announced that there are only 5 slots available for the captaincy task.

Lobo vs Shanmukh

Since the two never got a chance to take part in the captaincy task, they are allowed to take part in the first challenge. Shanmukh won the challenge.

Siri vs Ravi

Vishwa decided to stay away from participating in the task for Siri as she sacrificed her letter for him. Siri won the challenge.

Maanas vs Sreeram

Since both are in the eliminations, the duo got a chance to take part in the third challenge. Sreeram won the challenge.