Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 5Bigg Boss TV show is entertaining the Telugu audiences again with 19 inmates in the fifth season. The show is in the first week currently and the inmates found their first captain in this season.

Unlike the previous seasons, the fifth season is high on drama from day one itself. The female contestants are very active in grabbing the attention as well as the screentime. Even in this episode, contestants like Uma Devi, Lahari, Kajal, and Sarayu engaged in arguments.

Two major segments stand out as the best from today’s episode. One of them is the fight between RJ Kajal and Sarayu while the other one is the fight between Uma Devi and a few other female contestants.

RJ Kajal vs Sarayu

During the captaincy task, any contestant can support one of the four captaincy contenders. Kajal wanted a female captain for the Bigg Boss house and she attacked Vishwa’s game. Eventually, she wanted to spoil Maanas’ game too but things went ugly as soon as Vishwa came out of the game. Sarayu who wanted Vishwa to taste the victory could not digest Kajal’s plan working against theirs. She blamed Kajal that she is maintaining double standards by openly supporting female contenders but attacking only Vishwa but not Maanas. Kajal tried to explain her strategy but Sarayu paid no attention. The other contestants including Priya (the Sanchalak) intervened to settle the issue.

Uma Devi & her untimely aggression

Uma Devi is one of the boring yet interesting contestants in the Bigg Boss house this season. She has the right aggression but she is showing it in things that are silly, pointless, and unnecessary. After fighting over Aloo curry in the previous episode, she is back with a new argument in the current episode. While distributing the tasks in the house, Uma Devi mentioned that she can’t wash the dishes when the contestants cook non-veg dishes. Even before the discussion arrived at a conclusion, Uma lost her temper and blamed others that they are not considering her as a good cook. Uma passed a statement that the contestants can rely on a single cook and she will stay out of it. Priyanka Singh, Lahari, and Siri raised objections to Uma Devi’s tone.

Unexpected Jolt to Priya

Hamida got access to the Power Room. According to her task, Priya will never become the captain in the Bigg Boss house. It came as a big shock to her since she is already a part of Vishwa’s task. But, she took it in a sportive manner.

Challenges ahead for new captain Siri

Siri Hanmanth somehow managed to win the captaincy but she will have to face too many challenges. Siri is the youngest of all the contestants in the house and she will have to find out a way to get things done without hurting others and will also have to play a big role in ensuring peace in the house. Certainly, it is going to be tough for the young girl but we have to see how she will manage this big responsibility.

Bigg Boss house is surprisingly turning out to be a place for the silly fights among the female contestants this time. Since it is still the first week, we have to see how things will turn around.

Tomorrow’s Episode:
Bigg Boss housemates to celebrate Ganesh Chaturdhi

Nominated Contestants in First Week:
Maanas Nagulapalli, Anchor Ravi, Sarayu, Jaswanth Padala, Hamida and RJ Kajal