Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 45After losing momentum, the Bigg Boss TV show is holding the interest of the audiences once again. With the captaincy task, Bangaru Kodipetta, things are on fire in the Bigg Boss house.

Nominations & After Effects
The nominations episode has left the majority of the house in an opinion that Sunny is playing his real game now where he tried to save his friends Maanas and Kajal.

Maanas confronted Sunny that he has done a big mistake by not considering the reasons by Priya and Ravi about Ravi’s nomination. Maanas told Sunny that the nomination looked like it was his nomination than Priya’s nomination.

Ravi feels that Sunny is wrong but Kajal disagrees with him. According to Kajal, Sunny did the right thing to prove Priya wrong.

Priyanka’s ‘alaka’ on Maanas
Priyanka felt that Maanas is supporting Sunny. She felt that Maanas did not even guide Sunny in the nominations. Priyanka already felt that Sunny is playing a safe game. Due to small misunderstandings, Priyanka sulked over Maanas. Later, he sorted out issues with her.

Lady Narada Kajal
Priyanka has given ‘Lady Narada’ and ‘Drama Queen’ tags to Kajal. According to Priyanka, Kajal intentionally provokes other inmates.

Bangaru Kodipetta
Bangaru Kodipetta is the captaincy task in the current week. From time to time, the eggs will be sent to the Bigg Boss house via hen set, named Mrs. Prabhavati. Eggs will also be rained in the garden area. By the end of the task, the contestant who has a maximum number of eggs will win the task. Bigg Boss made it clear that this is a personal task but few inmates are playing in groups. We have to see if Bigg Boss will come up with something to counterattack the same.

Sunny vs Priya
Sunny and Priya are fighting from the beginning. During the nominations, they had a tiff. Now, in the captaincy task, Priya stole eggs from Sunny. She declared that she will steal eggs from everyone but her prime target is Sunny. Sunny is also trying his best to win over Priya and waiting for the right chance.

Siri Upset with Jessie & Shanmukh

Siri’s stickers are stolen during the task. She searched for them in the bedroom. Watching it from far, Jessie and Shanmukh thought that Siri is searching their beds. In reality, it is not true. Siri was upset with both Jessie and Shanmukh for doubting her. She cried and told that she did not feel bad even when she lost stickers but the current situation is more painful.

First Round Winner Maanas
By the end of the first round, the following is the score of the inmates.

Jessie. 18
Shannu. 12
Kajal. 1
Sunny. 23
Maanas. 32
Pinky. 0
Anee. 13
Siri. 10
Priya. 0
Ravi. 12
Sreeram. 14
Vishwa. 18

Maanas has more eggs but some of the inmates feel that Maanas is not playing individually!

Upcoming Episode
Sunny and Priya will be involved in a very big fight and the promo already created a special interest.