Bigg Boss S5: E43: Priya Exposes Sunny

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 43 OnlineThe nominations segment in the seventh week has taken place in an interesting manner. The nominations bought the real colors out of some contestants in the Bigg Boss house. The episode majorly revolved around the nominations but ended abruptly.

Hunters & Monkeys

Sunny, Sreeram, and Jessie are chosen as the Hunters in the nominations task. Vishwa is the Sanchalak. The rest of the house are monkeys. There will be two Bananas in the house. Each time, one inmate will have to pick the banana to tell the name of a contestant they want to nominate. One hunter among the three will finalize the nomination.

Shanmukh and Siri got the banana in the first round. Both nominated Anee and Sunny (hunter) approved it.

Anee and Siri got the banana in the second round. Anee nominated Siri and Siri nominated Maanas. Sunny approved Anee’s nomination.

Kajal and Siri got the banana in the third round. Kajal nominated Priya and Siri nominated Maanas again. Sunny approved Kajal’s nomination.

In the fourth round, Siri got the Banana again. She gave it to Priyanka. Priya also got the Banana. Priyanka nominated Kajal. Priya nominated Ravi. Sunny approved Priya’s nomination.

Later, Siri got the Banana again. Ravi too grabbed the Banana. Ravi nominated Kajal while Siri gave it to Priyanka again. Priyanka nominated Kajal again. That’s how he accepted their nomination.

Priya exposes Sunny

Sunny is clearly trying to save his friends Maanas and Kajal during the nominations. Siri nominated Maanas twice but Sunny did not approve it. When Kajal nominated Priya and Siri nominated Maanas, Sunny intentionally approved Kajal’s nomination.

Priya cleverly tested Sunny’s game. When Pinky nominated Kajal for a valid reason, Priya said that she is nominating Ravi because he dried his towel on the sofa. It is certainly not a valid reason to nominate. But, she expected that Sunny would approve her nomination and keep Ravi in the nominations. The same happened.

However, Sunny got provoked and lost his temper. He unnecessarily bought the issue of Swetaa in between. Ravi confronted Sunny asking how Priya’s reason is valid. But, Sunny told that Swetaa would nominate Ravi. It all blew out of proportion and the house clearly understood the safe game played by Sunny.

Nag nominated Lobo

Host Nagarjuna directly placed Lobo in the eliminations.

Nominated Contestants

Kajal, Ravi, Siri, Anee, Priya, Sreeram, Jessie, and Lobo

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