Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 42The weekend episode of the sixth week in the Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is filled with a very Bigg twist. We can easily tell that it is the twist of the season. Lobo has been sent to a secret room and this is the first time that the contestants are accessing the secret room!

Confrontation by Nagarjuna
Nagarjuna confronted some of the contestants in the Bigg Boss house for their behaviors in the last week. He pointed out some flaws and confronted them for their weak performances.

Liar Lobo
Lobo bluntly told Nagarjuna that he is unaware of the rule that they should not damage the property of the Bigg Boss house. He blindly followed Ravi’s instructions during the task and is not ready to accept the same. Nagarjuna warned Lobo to not repeat his mistake again!

– Nagarjuna told Siri to pay attention to what others are telling and not pay a deaf ear to them.

Anne & her Attitude
Nagarjuna pointed out Anne master’s senseless attitude during the task when she yelled at Siri. “You need not tell I swear on my kid every time,” told Nagarjuna to Anne. Anne realized her mistake and apologized to Siri.

– During the task, Sreerama Chandra used the word ‘actors’ while talking about the inmates. Nagarjuna discussed the same and pointed out the mistake of Sreeram. Sreeram then apologized to everyone.

– Nagarjuna appreciated Sunny that he is playing well and asked him to continue the same. Nag also mentioned that Shanmukh is not getting influenced by anyone and he should continue doing the same.

Disqualified Sanchalak Kajal

Nagarjuna pointed out that Kajal failed to do her job well because of which she was disqualified.

Swetaa, Ravi & A Lie
Swetaa took the punishment for listening to Ravi during the task. Swetaa shared that it was Ravi’s instruction but Ravi did not agree to it. Ravi told that he never directly told Swetaa to pick up the cushion from the bedroom. Ravi was lying that he never gave that instruction. It was very clear that Ravi was trying to defend himself but there is no logic in whatever he was telling. Nagarjuna identified the same and asked him if there is any difference between the cotton that Bigg Boss sent them and the cotton stuffed in the cushion. Ravi found that there is no difference but Nagarjuna asked the Sanchalaks to give their decision. Siri and Kajal said that Ravi is lying and there is a lot of difference.

Secret conversations in Confession Room

“Which contestant is unfit in the Bigg Boss house,” Nagarjuna asked all the contestants individually in the confession room.

Sunny, Kajal, Vishwa, and Lobo picked up Priya’s name. Anne, Shanmukh, Swetaa, and Siri picked up Lobo’s name. Both of them got 4 votes each.

Maanas picked Sreerama Chandra. Priyanka, Ravi, and Priya picked Kajal’s name. Sreerama Chandra and Jaswanth picked Ravi’s name.

Bigg Power to Bigg Boss house
Nagarjuna announced that Bigg Boss has given a special Bigg twist by granting the power to send one housemate out of the house! Nagarjuna asked the inmates to pick one housemate from Priya and Lobo.

Vishwa, Sunny, Ravi, and Kajal stood with Lobo. The rest of the house stood with Priya. Thus, Lobo was picked and he came to the Bigg Boss stage with Nagarjuna.

Safe Game by Lobo
On the stage, Nagarjuna asked Lobo to give Thumbs Up to the inmates he likes and Thumbs Down to those who he does not like. Lobo played it safe by giving Thumbs Up to everyone.

First Contestant to be in Secret Room

Nagarjuna almost bid goodbye to Lobo and he has become emotional for leaving the house but in the end, Nag told him that he is saved by the audience but he will be going to the Secret Room.