Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 39The captaincy task, BB Rajyam lo Bommala task brought a lot of shades from some of the inmates. The task underwent multiple twists and a lot of arguments took place in the Bigg Boss house!

Arrogant Anne

Anne master’s arrogance is completely unexpected in the house. After the Green team used their special power to grab all the toys made by the Blue team, Anne became aggressive. When the Green team’s Swetaa protected all the toys, Anne went to grab them and destroy them. Swetaa did not expect it to happen. Anne almost attacked Swetaa and she did not like it. When questioned the same, Anne told that she is just trying to make fun. She considers Swetaa as her daughter and also told that she no more want to have relationships in the house.

Cunning Kajal

Kajal carries a tag, ‘cunning’ from the beginning. No one completely likes RJ Kajal in the Bigg Boss house. She bought our her cunning side during the game. She does not want the Green team to win. She hates Ravi and does not want Ravi to enter the captaincy race. She wanted to do a final check overall at the end of the game so that she can reject more toys and prevent them from winning the game.

Say Sorry to Siri

During the task, Sunny is angry at Sanchalak Siri for being partial and playing with the rules. Sunny shouted at Siri and intentionally provoked her. Later, in the game, Siri demanded a sorry. Sunny was also told by his team members to tell Sorry to Siri. However, Sunny is yet to say sorry.

Perfectionist Priya

At one point in the game, Sanchalaks Kajal and Siri decided to send Shanmukh first to the conveyor belt to procure raw materials since other team members broke the rules. Priya questioned the same. She mentioned that Sanchalaks are bringing a rule all of a sudden, without consulting the members. She pointed out the flaws in the work of the Sanchalaks and demanded an explanation but they had nothing to tell. Both Kajal and Siri could not face Priya and they left the argument there. Priya even asked, “Sanchalaks em peekutunnaru?” In the end, Priya expressed a wish that she should get a special power so that she would change the game completely!

Influencer Ravi

Ravi wants to become the captain of the house and he is trying to influence others and ensure that Kajal is not in the captaincy race. But, Shanmukh is not getting influenced by him.