Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 29Sunday means Funday in the Bigg Boss house. On the fourth Sunday in the Bigg Boss house, the inmates initially made Nagarjuna emotional but in the end, Bigg Boss made the inmates emotional for different reasons.

25 years of Ninne Pelladatha

Bigg Boss cleverly planned the 25 years celebration of the film Ninne Pelladatha in the Bigg Boss house. The film starring Nagarjuna has become a big hit at the box office. The inmates danced to all the songs from the movie. Nagarjuna said that the gesture from the inmates has brought tears in his eyes. Nagarjuna appreciated the inmates for coming up with a great dance performance.

Not So Impressive Games

The inmates played two games on Sunday. One of them is guessing a song while the other one is Dakko Dakko Meka.

In the first game, the inmates are divided into two teams. One member from a team will have to draw a movie’s name on a board and the team should identify the same in less time.

In the second game, one inmate will be a cat while the other one is Tiger. The cat will run while the Tiger has to chase. In 30 seconds, if Tiger catches the cat, the cat will take punishment and if the Tiger fails, the Tiger should take the punishment.

Both the games are not very impressive and they are repetitive as we have seen similar games in the earlier seasons.

Natraj Eviction

Siri, Natraj, Lobo, and Anne were in the danger zone. Anne was announced safe first and then Siri was announced safe. The final elimination took place between Natraj and Lobo. Nagarjuna announced Natraj’s eviction.

Ravi is Guntanakka & Vishwa is Oosaravelli

Natraj often compares himself with Lion. He also mentioned that there is a Guntanakka (Fox) and an Oosaravelli (chameleon) in the Bigg Boss house.

Before leaving the house, Natraj master gave animal names to some contestants in the house.

He mentioned that Ravi is Guntanakka and Vishwa is Oosaravelli. Natraj said that Vishwa is playing the game well but at times tries to impress others.

Priyanka Singh is Parrot

Natraj said that Priyanka is playing her game well and she is the sweetest of all in the house who mingles with everyone equally.

Siri is Snake

According to Natraj, Siri is Snake in the house. He explained that Siri will mind her own business until someone disturbs her.

Lobo is Mouse

Natraj said that Lobo often steals food from the kitchen like a mouse and hence gave that tag to him.

Maanas as Donkey & Sreeram as Crocodile

Natraj complimented both Maanas and Sreeram. He said that Sreeram has great strength and works very hard. He knows tactics very well and how to use them at the right time. He thinks Maanas never says NO when someone approaches him with work. According to him, Maanas is always a giver, bearing many responsibilities of the house.

Natraj thinks he is LION Of Bigg Boss House

When asked to give Lion to one of the inmates, Natraj kept it for himself and announced the same.

Inmates SHOCKED with Natraj’s eviction

The final elimination segment took place between Natraj and Lobo. Because Lobo shouted at Priya during the nominations and also broke the rules of the house, everyone came to a conclusion that he will be eliminated but somehow it did not happen. Bigg Boss eliminated Natraj and it came as a big shock to everyone. Although many inmates disliked Natraj’s attitude in the Bigg Boss house, they could not take his exit from the house. Anne Master, Jessie, Swetaa, Priyanka, Lobo, Maanas, Sunny, Kajal, and Hamida were hugely shocked.