Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 28Who did mistakes in the house?

Nagarjuna asked the inmates to voluntarily stand up if they think they made mistakes in the Bigg Boss house. Jessie stood up saying that he failed as a captain and Swetaa stood up saying she failed to take a stand for Jessie when everyone picked him as the worst performer. But, Nagarjuna was expecting that Lobo would stand up. When asked later, Lobo initially said that he don’t think he had made any mistake. Later, Nagarjuna grilled him and made him realize his mistake. Nag told him that it’s not right on his part to shout at a fellow inmate. He also made Lobo realize that following the rules in the Bigg Boss house is of utmost importance.


The following rewards are presented to the pairs in the Bigg Boss house as per their performance in the weight loss task.

Sreerama Chandra & Hamida got cakes
Anne & Swetaa got Cupcakes
Sunny and Maanas got Macaronis
Priya and Priyanka got Ferrero Rochers
Ravi and Vishwa got Lollypops
Natraj and Lobo got Gems
Siri and Shannu got Green chilies
Jessie and Kajal got nothing since they were disqualified from the task.

Bigg Boss App Store

The twist in the Bigg Boss games on Saturday has come in the form of the Bigg Boss App Store. Nagarjuna asked the inmates to give different apps (Use the Brain, Attention Seeker, Mind Your Own Business, Watch Your Tongue, and Sympathy Gainer) to the inmates. The following is the list.

Most of them felt that Lobo needs to watch out for his tongue, and use his brain. The house also felt that Priyanka is an attention seeker. Most of the other tags did not make any sense as they played it safe.

But, Jessie has made it clear to Ravi that he should mind his own business.

Oosaravelli Vishwa

Natraj master had used the animal names Snail (for Ravi) and Oosaravelli (for Vishwa) already. When grilled by Nagarjuna, Natraj smiled but did not make his voice clear. However, Vishwa admitted that he is in the glamor field and he needs to change colors accordingly. Nag identified his sarcasm towards Natraj.

Sympathy Gainer Lobo gets a class from Nagarjuna

Nagarjuna did a good job by bringing the issue of the nomination into the house. Nag played Lobo’s video to make him understand his tone that day. Still, Lobo refused to tender an apology immediately to Priya but made attempts to defend himself. However, Nagarjuna did not accept it from him. Later, Priya told Nagarjuna that Lobo made her feel insecure in the house because of the warnings he threw at her. But, Nagarjuna assured her that the Bigg Boss house is safe for everyone.

Siri & Shannu – The Tom & Jerry

Siri and Shanmukh are like Tom and Jerry. They are best friends and yet they enjoy misunderstandings and differences. Nagarjuna warned Shanmukh that he should bring out the fire in him and also told Siri that she should focus on playing her own game. Shanmukh told Siri that she should use her brain. But, it is cute to see them fighting!

Love Birds Sreerama Chandra & Hamida

It looks like love is cooking between Sreerama Chandra and Hamida. Bigg Boss organizers are trying to run a love track between the two. Nagarjuna is also focusing on the same by teasing them funnily about their chemistry.

Contestants in Safe Zone
Ravi, Sunny, Priya, Kajal

Contestants in Danger Zone
Anne, Siri, Natraj, Lobo

Exclusive on Eviction
Natraj will be eliminated in the fourth week!