Siri Hanmanth, Shanmukh Jaswanth, Maanas Nagulapalli, VJ Sunny, Sreerama ChandraBigg Boss TV show completed 14 weeks in its fifth season successfully. The TV show will come to an end by the next weekend. The clarity has arrived about the top 5 contestants in the house.

Songs & Dumb Charades

Sunday is Funday in the Bigg Boss house. The inmates played the Dumb Charades game first. The inmates are divided into two teams and will have to guess the songs.

Shanmukh, Kajal, Sreeram – Team 1
Siri, Maanas, Sunny – Team 2

Team 1 Won

Ex-Inmates and their questions

The ex-inmates sent some questions to the inmates.

Jessie to Shanmukh:

Did you ever think about the relationship between you and Siri?

Ans: I didn’t think in that way. Siri is my best friend which I’m clearing it for once and all.

Anee to Sunny:

Why did you back bitch about me with Maanas?

Ans: She is my best friend. I didn’t do back bitching. I just shared my opinions with others.

Natraj to Sreeram:

Do you think Pinky’s hot water treatment to you became an advantage or disadvantage?

Ans: I’m not sure about it!

Pinky to Maanas:

Did you tolerate me or did acting?

Ans: I tolerated her.

Jessie to Siri:

Why did you reduce concentration on your game and focused on emotional relationships?

Ans: I’m playing my game from day one and I don’t want emotional connections.

Priya to Kajal:

Is it your real self outside the Bigg Boss house?

Ans: I’m being myself.

The Final Speech

In this segment, the inmates imitated other situations in a situation where they will have to give their final speeches.

Maanas imitates Sreeram.
Sreeram imitates Kajal.
Sunny imitates Siri.
Kajal imitates Shanmukh.
Shanmukh imitates Sunny.

Audience Question to Shanmukh

Why did you tell Siri is weak. Is it because she took Maanas’ help?

Ans: I felt that Siri was cornered by them and thought it would not be good to take their help. That’s why I said it.

Kajal Evicted

The final elimination segment was between Maanas and Kajal. Kajal is evicted.

Before quitting the TV show, she has given 5 tags to the finalists of the Bigg Boss house.

5*Entertainment – Sunny
5*Friendship – Maanas
5*Emotion – Siri
5*Action – Sreeram
5*Drama – Shanmukh

Finalists of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

Siri Hanmanth, Shanmukh Jaswanth, Maanas Nagulapalli, VJ Sunny and Sreerama Chandra