Bigg Boss: S5: E79: Fuss about Siri-Shannu relationship

Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is in the 12th week and like the previous week, everyone except Maanas is in the nominations.

The following is the nominations trend for this week.

Ravi – Sunny and Kajal
Pinky – Shanmukh and Siri
Shanmukh – Ravi and Kajal
Sreeram – Sunny and Kajal
Sunny – Ravi and Sreeram
Siri – Pinky and Ravi
Ravi – Kajal and Sreeram
Maanas – Sreeram and Ravi

*Provoker Sreeram lost control*
Sreeram Chandra is a person with multiple shades. He usually provokes other inmates silently and at the same time, he can also be silent and smart. For the first time, he lost control and lost his temper during the nominations.

While nominating Kajal and Sunny, Sreeram lost his composure. Sreeram nominated Kajal for taking a decision to burn both Siri and Anee pictures. He nominated Sunny for his gameplay. About the same, the three argued heavily in the garden area.

At one point, captain Maanas had to intervene and stop Sunny and Sreeram from arguing.

*Fuss about Siri-Shanmukh relationship*
Some days back, Ravi shared with Kajal that Shanmukh and Siri are playing games together and it was a pre-planned strategy. Kajal discussed the same during the question & answer game with host Nagarjuna. Kajal asked the question to Siri and Shanmukh if it is true and also added that Ravi told her.

Ravi is upset that Kajal bought her name into this discussion. Right after the nominations, Shanmukh and Siri sat down with Ravi and Kajal to sort out the same.

Shanmukh is extremely conscious about the portrayal of his relationship with Siri. He did not like that the topic has been bought in front of Nagarjuna. Also, he requested everyone to avoid conversations about them in the house. He admitted that they had given everyone the freedom and chance to discuss their relationship.

Shanmukh said, “Already, there is a lot of fuss about us. I request everyone to not talk about it,”

*Final Nominated List*
Siri, Shanmukh, Ravi, Sunny, Kajal, Sreeram and Pinky