Bigg Boss Telugu: Season 5: E70: Nagarjuna Continues His ‘Biased’ Nature!Nagarjuna made a comeback to the Bigg Boss Telugu stage this weekend. The star actor discussed the fights that happened in the house with the help of a game called FIR. The house is currently dysfunctional. Almost every person has a problem with another person in the house. Kajal, Maanas, and Sunny are playing as a group. Sunny and Siri are playing as a group. Ravi, Anee, and Sreeram are playing as a group. Priyanka is neutral. If two persons have a problem, the others in the group are also coming forward. There is dysfunctionality in the way the house is behaving and it was exposed by Nagarjuna on Saturday’s episode.


FIR is the game where one inmate will pick another inmate to file an FIR on. The inmate on whose name FIR is filed will stand beside a cell. The house will decide if the inmate is guilty or not.

Anee files FIR on Kajal & Kajal files FIR on Anee

Anee picked Kajal and bought a point forward. Anee mentioned that Kajal is provoking and discussed their fight during the game. Kajal tickled Anee in order to distract her while she was protecting Ravi’s tower. Kajal defended herself saying that Anee also disrespected her mentioning that her game was Faltu. Kajal also pointed out that Anee imitated her in a disrespectful manner.

House confirmed that Kajal is guilty.

Later, during her turn, Kajal filed her FIR on Anee mentioning that Anee’s imitation is disrespectful. Shanmukh and Siri came to support Anee. Kajal made a valid point but Nagarjuna rubbed it off soon. In front of Nagarjuna, Anee provoked Kajal and imitated her in a disrespectful manner but Nagarjuna remained silent. He targeted Kajal but did not give a warning to Anee, despite seeing how provoking Anee was.

House confirmed that Anee is not guilty.

– Maanas filed FIR on Anee but the house felt that Anee is not guilty.
– Sreeram filed FIR on Pinky but the house is divided about the same.
– Pinky filed FIR on Maanas but house felt that Maanas is not guilty.
– Sunny filed FIR on Siri but the house felt Siri is not guilty

Ravi, Sunny and Shanmukh files FIR on Sunny

Sunny’s behavior is certainly bad during the game. He lost his anger on Siri and Shanmukh. Sunny also used words that he should not have been used. It has created an unhealthy atmosphere in the house. Ravi mentioned that Sunny’s behavior is bad. Siri claimed that Sunny used the word ‘papad’ and also made some objectionable comments. Shanmukh claimed that Sunny objectified Siri using unobjectionable terminology. He also pointed out that Sunny’s statement about him being a Youtuber also hurt him. Shanmukh also mentioned that Sunny can’t tell him that he is playing a game in the shadow of women.

Sunny defended himself initially, saying that he never used the word Papad or the other objectionable comments raised by the inmates. Nagarjuna played the videos of the game to give clarity to everyone and the videos confirmed that Sunny used objectionable words. Sunny apologized to Shanmukh for his comments about Youtube.

However, Sunny seems to be not coming to terms with the fact that he did a mistake. He is trying to blame others, mentioning that they are not giving him a chance to connect. Sunny also mentioned that the others are provoking him constantly.

During a break, Sunny also picked a fight with Ravi where he almost threatened Ravi that his day will come. Sunny is hurt that Ravi called his behavior bad. Sunny rose his tone and argued with Ravi. Later, Nagarjuna mentioned it as well, to which Sunny didn’t realize his mistake.

In the end, Nagarjuna clearly mentioned to Sunny that he should control his behavior and also focus on his game. The entire house felt that Sunny is guilty.

Sunny will wear a ‘Guilty’ board until further notice from Bigg Boss Telugu comes out!

Maanas & Kajal scoring less because of Sunny

This week, Sunny’s behavior is visibly disappointing. However, Maanas and Kajal are defending Sunny without a proper point. In this process, they are scoring less. They should realize that it is okay to tell their friend when he does wrong. Instead, they are going against other inmates which clearly exposes their behavior.

Nagarjuna’s biased nature

Nagarjuna is a little biased towards the other inmates when compared to Sunny, Maanas, and Kajal. He has given others maximum time to prove their points against Sunny, Maanas, and Kajal but took the point of Kajal and Sunny on a lighter note. Nag is slightly inclined towards Shanmukh and Siri as well.

Jessie Health Update

There is no considerable improvement in Jessie’s health. The doctors decided to conduct more investigations on his illness.

Exclusive on Eviction

Jessie is eliminated this week. In the end, Kajal and Maanas will face the final round of elimination. Nagarjuna will continue the suspense till the end and will announce that Jessie will be leaving the house because of his illness.