Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 66The 5th season of the Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is in its tenth week. By now, the TV show should keep the audiences engaged with the content but there is only disappointment. After a complicated nominations segment, the viewers are left with a disappointment because of a boring episode!

*After-Effects of Nominations*
The nominations resulted in several after-effects. Multiple inmates are unhappy with how the nominations segment took place.

When she had a chance, Kajal failed to save either of her friends Maanas and Sunny. They are upset for the same reason. Apparently, they are unhappy because she did not save any of them, after asking who should she save from the two. She listened to Sreeram and got influenced by him. Sunny and Maanas did not talk to Kajal properly for some time. She later gave a thought to it and realized that other inmates intentionally cornered the 3 friends. She apologized but Sunny right away told her that he can’t accept the apology.

However, the equation is slowly getting better between the three!

Maanas is unhappy with Pinky that she saved Ravi instead of Jessie. Pinky had a pact with Ravi because of which she saved Ravi. Maanas returned all the gifts that Pinky gave him. He stopped talking with her and avoided her. However, they sorted out the issue and Pinky announced that everything is fine between them.

*Jessie in quarantine*
Bigg Boss bought Jessie out of the house for medical investigations. For everyone in the house, Jessie is out of the house but after getting him examined at the hospital, Bigg Boss sent him to a secret room. Jessie is currently in quarantine until further notice from Bigg Boss.

*Shanmukh is triggered*
Shanmukh is someone who can not take jokes on him. He can not withstand if someone starts making fun of him. He conveyed the same to Siri that he can not tolerate if Siri joins someone when they make fun of him. In the episode, Ravi imitated Shanmukh and made fun of him. Shanmukh told Ravi that he won’t take it if someone makes fun.

*Boring Episode*
It looks like a no-task day for the inmates. There’s nothing exciting in the episode. There are no sponsored tasks as well. The nine members of the house just passed time talking to each other and there’s nothing interesting about their conversations.

*Mysterious Task*
Looks like there is going to be a task that will be a test of patience for the inmates. Bigg Boss sent a cake to the house with a caption, “Who deserves to eat this?”

Everyone started putting themselves forward that they deserve it and there are no rules and nothing has been told to the inmates about it. No one touched it and started discussing it among themselves. We have to see how the task progresses!