Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 58

Bigg Boss TV show is in its ninth season. There are 11 members in the house currently. The nominations episode is interesting and ten members are in the nominations, except for the captain.

During the nominations episode, the housemates picked two names and applied foam on their faces.

Nominated Contestants
Except for captain Shanmukh, everyone is nominated.
Anee, Kajal, Maanas, Sreeram, Jessie, Siri, Priyanka, Vishwa, Ravi, and Sunny

Maanas nominated Sreeram and Jessie. Siri nominated Sunny and Anee. Sreeram nominated Sunny and Maanas. Ravi nominated Maanas and Kajal. Jessie nominated Sunny and Maanas. Pinky nominated Vishwa and Ravi. Sunny nominated Siri and Jessie. Vishwa nominated Maanas and Pinky. Anee nominated Siri and Kajal. Kajal nominated Ravi and Sreeram. Shanmukh nominated Maanas and Priyanka.

Major Arguments
Maanas got the maximum votes. Whoever nominated Maanas told that they did not expect that Maanas would play a game like Sunny where he flaunted his attitude.

Sreeram-Kajal, Ravi-Kajal: These 2 pairs are still not out of their old issues. They are not meeting a closure for old problems.

Flipper Anee
Kajal told Anee that she intentionally did not nominate Anee because there are only 4 women in the house. Anee confronted Kajal saying that woman card should not be used. But, in fact, it is Anee who earlier used woman card during the nominations saying that she will nominate those who are strong and she can’t fight men in the house.

Jessie’s health gets into nominations
Jessie was suffering from Vertigo. However, he participated in the task. Sunny had doubts about Jessie’s health and made fun of his weakness. Siri and Jessie nominated Sunny for the same reason. During their arguments, at one point, Jessie was frustrated and tried to prove that he has really fallen sick. However, all three members are in the nominations.