Bigg Boss TeluguSinger LV Revanth is one of the strong contestants in the sixth season of the Bigg Boss house. He was in the nominations in all five weeks but came out safe. Luckily, he is out of the danger zone for the fifth week. However, he is giving enough content and trying to give his presence on television as much as possible. One drawback of his is the loose tongue that is costing him a lot.

Even on Monday’s episode, his loose tongue on captain Keerthi projected him in a poor light. There was an argument where Revanth had the brownie point, but in a split second, the way he expressed his anger made him bad instantly.

The housemates are strictly instructed to not respond to anything or anyone outside the house. However, Revanth tried to respond to someone outside the Bigg Boss house when he was in the garden area. Bigg Boss gave a warning to Revanth and also reminded Keerthi that it was her responsibility to make sure everyone follows the house rules.

Bigg Boss gave the warning slightly after Revanth’s comments, but before him, a few other housemates also responded to the people outside the house. But, Keerthi made up her mind to give a punishment to Revanth, but he argued that it was not him alone who has done it and the warning from Bigg Boss to Keerthi is not particularly about what has happened.

But, Keerthi refused to listen to him and made a statement that she is the captain of the house and it is up to her what she wanted to do. But, Revanth got angry and he hit the kitchen floor in anger, refusing to obey her instructions.

Keerthi made an issue out of it, and in that moment, Revanth said, “You have a language problem because of which you are unable to decode what Bigg Boss said,” and it is his loose tongue to throw a comment as such which is a little demeaning.

However, Revanth apologized to Keerthi in the next minute, confirming that he is ready for the punishment. We have to see if Nagarjuna discusses this during the weekend.