Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6First Captain
Baladithya is the first captain of the sixth season of Bigg Boss house.

Six contestants fought for the captaincy. The captaincy task is called Captaincy Bandi.

Geethu completed the task first, but she foul-played and received criticism. Many objected to her gameplay. Especially, she passed a statement saying that she would hide anything inside her shirt, and if a male contestant placed their hand in her shirt, she would not mind.

The statement did not go well with the female housemates in the house.

Worst Performer

Geethu’s behavior, her foul play during the captaincy task, her loose tongue, and her statement about playing the game in genuinely resulted in her becoming the worst performer in the house.

The worst performer, Geethu, is sent to prison.

Sudeepa, Rajasekhar, Inaya, Sri Satya, Arohi, RJ Surya, Vasanthi, Neha, Marina, Arjun Kalyan, and Chanti picked Geethu as the worst performer in the house.

During the worst performer selection, Inaya once again played the victim card, saying that no one is supporting her. She also passed a comment that Siri is supporting Shrihan from outside, which is out of context.