Bigg Boss Telugu S5: SWOT Analysis of Sreerama ChandraBigg Boss Telugu TV show is currently in the last week. Season 5 started off on an interesting note but as the show progressed, the curiosity levels of the audience also came down. Now, there are five members in the TV show as the finalists of the fifth season. Maanas, Sreeram, Sunny, Siri, and Shanmukh are fighting for the Bigg Boss title.

In this feature, let us try to do a SWOT Analysis on the finalists of this season.

Sreerama Chandra

Sreeram is the first finalist of the TV show. He made an entry into the TV show as a singer, to get closer to the entire Telugu community across the world.

Sreeram’s major strength is his kind nature. Despite losing his temper now and then, he still has a good heart. Sreeram is friends with everyone in the house and did not have recurring fights with anyone. Sreeram did not use his singing skills properly in the house but still, the audience is waiting to see him croon during his stay in the house. Sreeram is also a strong player, especially in the tasks. Always with a smile, Sreeram ensures to not disturb the harmony in the house.

Sreeram’s weakness is his pointless anger. For silly issues and unnecessary things, he gets angry with the inmates. After the issue is over, he then realizes that he lost his temper unnecessarily. Sreeram can easily get carried away with the situation and have no control over his emotions.

Sreeram’s biggest opportunity is being familiar with almost every Telugu household. Sreeram is the most popular among the five finalists of the house. Most of the audience already liked his personality and he is a no-nonsense person that everyone likes to admire.

Sreeram could not play two games in the ticket to finale task. Sunny played one task and Shanmukh played one task for him. All the others played on their own and reached this level but it is not the case with Sreeram. This could be a major threat for him. Shanmukh’s popularity on social media or Sunny’s growing image are also a threat to Sreeram.