Bigg-Boss-Telugu-Season-5Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is currently in the last week. Season 5 started off on an interesting note but as the show progressed, the curiosity levels of the audience also came down. Now, there are five members in the TV show as the finalists of the fifth season. Maanas, Sreeram, Sunny, Siri, and Shanmukh are fighting for the Bigg Boss title.

In this feature, let us try to do a SWOT Analysis on the finalists of this season.

Siri Hanmanth

Siri Hanmanth is the only female contestant in the grand finale of the Bigg Boss TV show. She entered the house as a popular Youtube star with many dreams.

Undoubtedly, her friendship with Shanmukh is her biggest strength. The more she is closely moving with Shanmukh, the more is an advantage for her to climb up the ladder. Despite misunderstandings and miscommunication, her bond with Shanmukh is turning out as a strength to her. Being the only female contestant in the finale can also draw some attention from female viewers. A majority of the young audience might also be a strength to her. She already earned the tag ‘fighter’ for always taking part in the tasks without any complaints.

Siri’s friendship with Shanmukh is also a weakness to her. Some of Shanmukh’s fans are not liking Siri moving close with him. Siri’s mother’s comments towards Shanmukh angered Shannu’s fans. Siri’s fights with Sunny is also a weakness. Compared to the other four, Siri is weak in terms of playing games and using her mind. Without Shanmukh, Siri is not as strong as she is currently.

The opportunities for Siri to win the Bigg Boss title are less. Siri has to up her game to prove her worth and also to make a statement that she deserves the title.

Siri’s biggest threat is the fights she had with other inmates. Everyone keeps telling that Siri and Shanmukh play the game together. Siri also failed to understand the game multiple times. Siri is a good team player but not a great individual player in the game.