Bigg Boss Telugu S5: SWOT Analysis of Shanmukh JaswanthBigg Boss Telugu TV show is currently in the last week. Season 5 started off on an interesting note but as the show progressed, the curiosity levels of the audience also came down. Now, there are five members in the TV show as the finalists of the fifth season. Maanas, Sreeram, Sunny, Siri, and Shanmukh are fighting for the Bigg Boss title.

In this feature, let us try to do a SWOT Analysis on the finalists of this season.

Shanmukh Jaswanth

Shanmukh Jaswanth is a popular star on the Youtube space. His short films and web series garnered a lot of attention from the young audience and the millennials. He entered the house with little popularity to explore himself more.

Shanmukh’s biggest strength is his calm and composed nature. He minds his business most of the time. He does not lose words and trigger someone’s anger. Shanmukh has drawn boundaries with everyone and he never crossed the line with anyone in the house. He is also a very good individual player. His game plans and mind games are beyond predictability.

Shanmukh’s weakness is his possessiveness towards Siri. Most of the fights he had in the house is because of Siri. Shanmukh is also inactive most of the time. Shanmukh needs a push to perform certain tasks. Shanmukh cannot take criticism or fun to some extent. He is not someone who can mingle with others easily.

Shanmukh has a big opportunity to become the title winner. From the beginning, he played his game well without disturbing others. His journey includes a huge transformation. In the beginning, Shanmukh is weak and inactive. However, as the show progressed further, Shanmukh learned a lot, improved himself to keep him as the front-runner to grab the title. The fan base he enjoys outside can surely bring him victory.

Shanmukh is the youngest of all the male inmates in the house. In the last four seasons, the youngest never won the title. There is an opinion that if Shanmukh wins the title, Star MAA and Bigg Boss may lose their credibility. Sunny and Sreeram will be a serious threat to Shanmukh from becoming the winner.