Bigg Boss Telugu S5: SWOT Analysis of Maanas NagulapalliBigg Boss Telugu TV show is currently in the last week. Season 5 started off on an interesting note but as the show progressed, the curiosity levels of the audience also came down. Now, there are five members in the TV show as the finalists of the fifth season. Maanas, Sreeram, Sunny, Siri, and Shanmukh are fighting for the Bigg Boss title.

In this feature, let us try to do a SWOT Analysis on the finalists of this season.

Maanas Nagulapalli

Maanas Nagulapalli entered the Bigg Boss house as a popular actor in films and TV Serials.

Maanas’ biggest strength is his ‘mr-perfect’ attitude. Maanas never lost his temper in severe crisis situations as well. He is always composed, well-behaved, and a mature individual in the house. Among everyone, he is the sweetest, happiest, and strong player to decode. His friendship with Sunny is also a big strength. From the beginning, he was always there for his friends and never skipped a chance to help others in any task or in general.

Maanas’ weakness is not having clarity in a few issues. For anyone watching him, he remains suspicious in a few situations. Maanas’ close attachment with Sunny and Kajal throughout the game damaged his image a little. His bonding with Priyanka also opened confusion to the viewers of what he is trying to convey to her with regards to her feelings. There are no bigger weaknesses in Maanas but there are a few that can become the villain.

The biggest opportunity for Maanas to become the title winner is his attitude in the house. His friendship and kind attitude are his bigger opportunities. His familiarity with many influencers outside the house can help him gain some votes. However, he will face a tough fight from others.

Maanas and Sunny are two strong players. If Sunny emerged as a strong player today, the credit goes to Maanas. Under Maanas’ shadow, Sunny grew as a better person, and now people like Sunny more than they like Maanas. This could be a threat. Maanas dislikes Sreeram who is the first finalist of this season. The duo had their share of arguments and Sreeram emerged as a strong player compared to Maanas. It is also a threat.