Bigg Boss Telugu S5: Sreerama Chandra wins Ticket to FinaleTicket to Finale is an interesting segment in the Bigg Boss TV show. 7 members participated in the TTF challenge and the latest sources confirm to us that Sreerama Chandra is the first contestant to enter the grand finale.

The inmates played different challenges in the Ticket to Finale segment. In the first phase, Kajal, Shanmukh, and Priyanka were eliminated.

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Later, Maanas, Siri, Sreeram, and Sunny took part in further challenges. In the previous episode, Bigg Boss confirmed that Kajal, Shanmukh, and Priyanka are out of the final race.

The other 4 inmates initially accepted a test for focus and later took another challenge. We hear that Siri and Sreeram went to the final stage, after which Sreeram won against Siri and entered the finals.

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Since Sreeram is injured, it is Sunny who helped him play the challenges. We are unsure if Sunny helped Sreeram with the final challenge as well.