Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 4Bigg Boss Telugu is one of the top TV shows in Telugu. The fifth season is currently in progress. The show is set to entertain the audiences with a packed house of 19 contestants. On the third day in the Bigg Boss house, the silly and pointless fights dominated the Captaincy task. Especially, the ladies in the house engaged in silly disputes.

Maanas’ Task went for a toss!

Maanas Nagulapalli’s task went for a toss. As per the rules, Kajal will have to sleep only after everyone sleeps in the house. But Lahari, Natraj, Hamida, and a few others ganged up to create hurdles for Maanas’ victory. They decided not to sleep the entire night. Maanas and Kajal tried to convince them that it is not a secret task but they paid no attention. However, Kajal broke the rules and slept which resulted in sirens disturbing the sleep of inmates. We have to wait for Bigg Boss’ decision about this task.

Siri Hanmanth receives a Warning from Bigg Boss

Siri Hanmanth also got access to the Power Room. Lobo became Shanmukh Jaswanth’s personal assistant as per the task. However, Lobo and Shanmukh did not perform their task properly because of which Siri received her first warning.

Ladies and their silly disputes

Lahari and Hamida engaged in a dispute in the bedroom for no reason. Hamida’s tone didn’t go well with Lahari who objected to the same. After a heated argument, they got emotional and then hugged one another to end it on a positive note.

Uma Devi showed her hyper activeness to grab the attention. Since she was not served Aloo curry during the dinner, she created a brawl in the house. Anne Master stored the curry in the refrigerator because of which many could not taste it. When Uma found out the same, she argued with Anne about the same. She suggested to the kitchen team only one curry should be made so that everyone will get to taste it. But, the issue was resolved with Anne’s apology in the end.

Lobo’s entertaining cameo

Lobo imitated Ravi, Natraj, Anne, and Priyanka Singh as part of a task assigned by Shanmukh Jaswanth. It broke the house into laughs.

All in all, no one is actually considering the captaincy task seriously. With a heavy crowd in the house, proper entertaining content is not achieved by the organizers so far. The ladies in the house are competing with one another in creating content by making a fuss about anything and everything.

That’s all about today folks!