Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 31Bigg Boss TV show is picking up momentum slowly. The show is into the fifth week currently. After a heated episode of nominations, the inmates started playing a new task on Tuesday.

Group Jessie skips the dinner

Jessie, Shanmukh, and Siri already ganged up in the house. The other inmates are against the group for now. As Sreeram and Jessie had an argument, team Jessie decided to skip the dinner. Despite the other inmates requesting them to have dinner, Jessie, Shanmukh, and Siri skipped the dinner. Sreeram wants to eat after everyone eats in the house. Since the three inmates did not eat, he also did not eat. Hamida too joined Sreeram in skipping the dinner.

Kajal, Ravi, Lobo & a Middle Finger

After heated arguments in the house, Sreeram changed the duties of multiple persons in the house. Group Jessie is shifted to a different area in the house. Ravi and Lobo who were doing the bathroom until recently are now in the Kitchen.

Kajal teased Lobo and Ravi saying that a good thing has happened with the two coming into the kitchen. She commented that they did not do anything in the kitchen so far. Lobo and Ravi were hurt by the comment. Kajal’s way of expressing the same did not go well with the two. Lobo instantly reacted to it by indirectly showing a middle finger. Kajal observed the same and confronted it but Lobo tried to explain it with some lame reason. Kajal forgave him.

But, Ravi objected to Kajal’s statements. Kajal said that it was funny but Ravi said that he could not take that fun for almost a minute since Kajal dragged it. Heated arguments took place between the two and the inmates tried to intervene and solve the issue.

Kajal points out that Ravi is okay with Lobo showing a middle finger to her but he tells him that what she did is wrong. But, Ravi said that Lobo is wrong but Kajal ignored it.

BB Rajyam

BB Rajyam is the task in the Bigg Boss house. Ravi and Sunny are playing the Prince in the task. According to the task, the inmates will have to do several tasks and gain gold coins. The Prince will also get coins when he wins the task. The Prince that gets the maximum coins will win the task.

Thieves in the House

Jessie, Shanmukh, and Siri are playing a different game in the house. They started stealing the coins and are playing their own game. According to them, Bigg Boss did not bring any rules into the task and they can play as per their convenience. Bigg Boss also did not give any warnings yet.

Vishwa on Fire

Vishwa found out that the inmates are stealing the coins. He did not know who stole the coins but he yelled at everyone. He indirectly told that it is not the way to play the game.