Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 15Bigg Boss TV show successfully completed two weeks. The TV show that began with 19 contestants is left with 17 contestants. After Sarayu’s eviction in the first week, the Bigg Boss eliminated Uma Devi in the second week. On Sunday’s episode, Uma Devi was eliminated from the Bigg Boss house without any regrets.

Dance Competition
Since Sunday is a funday in the Bigg Boss house, Nagarjuna held a mini-dance competition between the gents and ladies in the house. The male contestants scored more points but on a funny note, Bigg Boss declared the females as winners.

Devil in the House
Intlo Evvaru Deyyam is the task in the house that let the inmates reveal their opinions on others. The contestants revealed the names of those who they think are Devils in the Bigg Boss house.

Maanas and Sreerama Chandra picked each other. Priya named Siri. Lahari named Uma Devi. Hamida named Anne master. Ravi named Sreerama Chandra. Sunny picked Priyanka Singh. Vishwa picked Kajal and Priyanka Singh picked Lobo. Jaswanth picked Siri while Swetaa also picked Siri. Anne picked Hamida and Kajal picked Vishwa. Siri picked Uma and Uma picked Siri. Natraj picked Vishwa while Shanmukh and Lobo picked Siri.

Siri got maximum votes and Nagarjuna said that Siri is the cute devil in the house.

Uma Devi gets eliminated
Uma Devi is the second contestant to come out of the Bigg Boss house. Uma Devi took her elimination in a sportive manner. She did not shed any tears while coming out of the house while a few inmates became emotional.

Uma has given some friendly advice to 8 contestants before bidding good-byes.

Uma Devi told Siri that she should pay attention to others’ reactions for the opinions she share. She felt that Priya is playing it safe and she should stop doing it. Uma also told Natraj that he should continue being strong and not let anyone influence him.

Uma also told Lobo that he should be careful with others while a lot of people are looking down on him. Uma Devi told Lahari that she should start playing her game without anyone’s support. She also advised Shanukh to start playing his game and not play Siri’s game. Uma told to Ravi that he should make sure that he is not disconnecting with anyone while developing connections with others in the house. Uma also cleared the air that there was no differences of opinions with Anne master.

With no Bigg Bomb, the episode ended with Ravi receiving a gift from his family on the occasion of his birthday.