Bigg Boss Telugu S 5- Episode 59Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is in its ninth week currently. On Monday, 10 out of 11 members came to the nominations. However, Bigg Boss gave an unexpected twist to the inmates by saving two others from nominations.

Jeevithame Oka Aata
Jeevithame Oka Aata is the name of the immunity task. As part of the task, the garden area has been divided into the safe zone, danger zone, and baggage zone. The inmates will have to go into the baggage zone to pick one of the bags and run to the safe zone. The contestants who will come last will be in the danger zone. The two will have to defend themselves asking support from the other inmates.

Sreeram Chandra’s strategy to Kill Kajal
In the first round, Sreerama Chandra picked up Kajal’s bag. Intentionally, he stood outside the safe zone ensuring Kajal to be in the danger zone. As expected, his strategy worked out. He and Kajal stood in the danger zone. The inmates supported and Kajal lost a chance.

Shanmukh’s twist to the nominations
Captain cum Sanchalak Shanmukh added his input to the nominations episode. Bigg Boss sent the bags individually but Shanmukh tied them with others to make sure the process is a bit complicated. However, there was not much of a discussion about the same.

Sunny Vs Jessie & Siri Vs Jessie

In the next two rounds, Jessie entered the danger zone with Sunny and Siri. In the first round, Sunny lost the support and he was out of nominations. In the next round, the house supported Siri and Jessie lost the chance.

Vishwa vs Sreeram

In this round, the house supported Sreeram and Vishwa lost the chance. However, Vishwa felt bad that no one has given proper reasons to not support him.

Siri Vs Ravi & Maanas vs Ravi
In the next two rounds, Ravi fought with Siri and Maanas. In the first round, Siri lost the support while in the next round, Ravi lost the support.

Final 3 – Anee, Sreeram and Maanas

In between Anee and Maanas, Sreeram picked Anee. In the end, Anee and Sreeram are left. The house picked Anee.

Anee gets Immunity

Finally, Anee got the immunity and she is out of the nominations.

Anee uses Special Power for Maanas
During a weekend episode, Anee gained a special power. With that, she saved Maanas. He is also not in the nominations now. Since Maanas sacrificed the letter for Anee last week, she saved him.

Final list of nominated contestants
Ravi, Vishwa, Siri, Jessie, Kajal, Sunny, Priyanka, Sreeram