Bigg Boss Telugu S 5 Episode 64Bigg Boss TV show successfully completed 9 weeks and is entering the tenth week. The show started with 19 contestants and today, there are only 10 members in the house. In the ninth week, Vishwa is eliminated and it is a big shock to the inmates as well as the audience.

Sunday is Funday
As usual, the inmates played two games in the house as it is Sunday. The first one is Bomma Ikkada, Paata Akkada. The second one is Nenu Evaru. In the first game, the inmates will have to guess the song by watching cropped visuals of actors. In the second game, one inmate will imitate a person in the house, and the others will have to guess it. The house is divided into two teams for playing the games, and Jessie is Sanchalak.

Team A: Sunny, Priyanka, Vishwa, Shanmukh, Kajal
Team B: Maanas, Siri, Ravi, Sreeram, Anee, Maanas

Team B performed well in the first game. Both teams did well in the second game.

Worst Performer Kajal
The inmates also picked the worst performer of the house. Kajal got maximum votes and this is not the first time for Kajal to end up in jail. She will remain in prison until further notice from Bigg Boss. The following is the choice of inmates in the worst performer selection.

Sunny, Maanas – Shanmukh
Shanmukh – Priyanka
Priyanka – Vishwa
Vishwa – Jessie
Jessie, Siri, Sreeram – Kajal
Kajal – Siri
Ravi – Maanas
Anee – Sunny

Vishwa’s eviction throws a shock
Vishwa is one of the strong contestants in the house who deserve to be in the top 5. He became the captain of the house twice and also received the Hero of the house tag on Saturday’s episode. He ensured that everyone in the house followed rules. He also did his job as ration manager perfectly. Still, he was evicted. In the final round of elimination, Nagarjuna announced that Kajal is safe and Vishwa is eliminated.

Vishwa’s eviction came as a big shock to the inmates as well as the viewers. The viewers, especially those on social media predicted that Jessie will be eliminated. Jessie is not playing well for the last two weeks and he is the weakest contestant among the current ten members in the house. Still, he gained survival, and Vishwa is evicted.

Anee, Sreeram, Sunny, and others are left in a shock to see a determined, focused, and strong contestant Vishwa getting evicted from the house. This is not the first time that the eviction result is against the opinion of the viewers. Vishwa has a good fan base and decent social media following. Still, he was evicted from the house.

Top 10 – According to Vishwa
Before leaving the house, Vishwa gave rankings to the inmates.

Priyanka (10), Kajal (9), Jessie (8), Anee (7), Maanas (6), Siri (5), Sunny (4), Shanmukh (3), Ravi (2), Sreeram (1)

Next Episode

In the next episode promo, we can see Bigg Boss asking Anee to send four inmates to the jail. She sent Maanas, Sunny, Kajal, and Shanmukh to jail. It looks like the nominations episode is going to be super interesting once again.