Bigg Boss Tamil Kamal Haasan- Nagarjuna Bigg Boss TeluguKamal Haasan ‘Bigg Boss’ show in Tamil has been the top show last year in 2019 even surpassing the top-most national shows in Hindi. This year, it’s a surprise to know that our Telugu Bigg Boss show, season four of the reality show overthrew Kamal Haasan‘s show.

The Bigg Boss Telugu is being hosted by Nagarjuna has massed a huge viewership 2.7 billion viewing mins in the Telugu States while Kamal Haasan’s Bigg Boss is in the second place with 2.2 billion viewers. These statistics were collected by BARC, India, i.e., Broadcast Audience Research Council.

That implies, both Telugu and Tamil Bigg Boss shows have been doing extremely well given the circumstances despite huge competition from Bollywood superstar hosting the Hindi version of Bigg Boss show that would obviously have a wider reach.

This pandemic situation helped the show to widen its horizons and attract the audiences as one of the biggest means of entertainment.