Bigg Boss Telugu: Progress Report of First HalfBigg Boss Telugu TV show is currently in the fifth season. The sensational TV show is hosted by Nagarjuna Akkineni. The TV show completed 50 days which means the TV show completed the first half. The show will run for 15 weeks (105 days) just like the last season. Here is a look back at the 7 weeks of the entertainment.

*Selection of Contestants*
Ahead of the start of the TV show, multiple speculations did round in the media about the contestants taking part in the TV show. Surprisingly, Bigg Boss introduced all the 19 contestants in the first week itself. Usually, 15 contestants will enter the house in the first week and wild-card entry contestants would enter the house in the later weeks. Among the 19 contestants, general audiences are familiar with only 30 to 40 percent of the contestants. A majority of the contestants who took part in the show are relatively less familiar to normal audiences. Selection-wise, the show organizers disappointed the audiences by getting less familiar celebrities to the TV show.

5x Entertainment is the caption that Nagarjuna and Bigg Boss organizers used for the promotion of the TV show. From the first day itself, the show organizers made sure to keep the house on fire with physical tasks and heated arguments. The team is successful in having a flying start. As promised, the entertainment factor is fulfilled in the first few weeks. From the fifth week, the TV show witnessed a decline in the quotient of entertainment being given to the audiences. The major complaint from the audience is the lack of creativity in the tasks. All the tasks of the current season are similar to the tasks we have seen in the earlier seasons. Except for five to six tasks, the rest of the tasks in these 7 weeks delivered boredom to the audiences. Usually, the nominations episodes will create a special interest among the audiences but unfortunately, half of the nomination episodes failed to impress the viewers.

Fights are common in any season. Sometimes, they go to the next level while in some cases, they get sorted out soon. This season, no contestant had a long-term fight with anyone in the house. The creative team at the Bigg Boss also failed in ringing the right bells to generate the heated atmosphere in the house which is the unique selling point of the TV show.

*Nagarjuna’s Confrontation*
Nagarjuna, surprisingly, gained criticism this season for going easy on some contestants during the weekend episodes. Nagarjuna is usually known for his unbiased criticism against the contestants but this season, the fire in Nagarjuna went for a toss. He is not showing anger in the right manner. Especially, his reactions to Priya in the multiple episodes drew criticism. The team must do more homework in bringing Nagarjuna’s angry side on Saturday. Nagarjuna is ignoring many issues just like and dilutes the expectations of the audiences.

*Highlights to remember*
– Priya’s character assassination on Lahari
– Uma Devi’s fights with Priyanka, Anee, and Siri
– Priyanka’s father accepts her identity
– Natraj master’s ‘Gunta Nakka’ track
– Swetaa Varma’s aggression during nominations and a fight with Anee
– Priya vs Sunny track
– Ravi flipped his comments with Priya
– Lobo’s secret room

*Bottom Line*
Things must get spicier for the audiences to hold their attention on the TV show. Nagarjuna must also display his unbiased criticism of the contestants.

Contestants that entered the TV show: 19
Sarayu, Uma Devi, Lahari Sheri, Natraj master, Hamida, Swetaa Varma, Priya, Ravi, Lobo, Sreerama Chandra, Sunny, Maanas, Priyanka Singh, Anee, Shanmukh, Jaswanth, Siri, Kajal, and Vishwa

Evicted Contestants (week-wise): 7
Sarayu, Uma Devi, Lahari Sheri, Natraj master, Hamida, Swetaa Varma, and Priya

Currently in the House: 12
Ravi, Lobo, Sreerama Chandra, Sunny, Maanas, Priyanka Singh, Anee, Shanmukh, Jaswanth, Siri, Kajal, and Vishwa

*Exclusive* — *Nominated Contestants in Week* — 6
Ravi, Lobo, Sreeram, Maanas, Siri and Shanmukh