Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Non Stop Day OneBigg Boss Telugu OTT Non-Stop is the latest edition of the Bigg Boss TV show. Interestingly, the 24*7 concept is slowly going into the audience as this is the first time that the TV show is being streamed nonstop for 24 hours. After the launch episode, the contestants took their time to know each other. The following are some important incidents that took place in the house.

Bigg Boss gives a grand welcome

Bigg Boss gave a grand welcome speech to the contestants. He hoped that all the contestants will get to reach their dreams and aspirations in the house.

Mumait’s nervousness about Nominations
Bigg Boss already divided the inmates as warriors and challengers. As this is the first-ever non-stop telecast in Telugu, no one has a clue about how the nominations will take place. Mumait Khan, among all the others, felt the nervousness about the nominations. She was not able to think about who to nominate as everyone is sweet to her.

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Challengers get an advantage over Warriors
Bigg Boss has given an advantage to challengers as the warriors have experience of living in the Bigg Boss house. According to this, the warriors will have to face the following challenges.

1. The warriors can not have more clothes with them. Except for the toiletries and inner wear, they will have to give away everything to challengers. Every day, the challengers will allow the warriors to take only 5 clothes.

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2. The Warriors will have to take care of the entire house including cooking, and housekeeping.

3. The warriors will have to eat only after the challengers complete eating.

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4. Only one warrior can get a chance to sleep inside the bedroom.

Bigg Boss asked the challengers to interview the challengers and assign housekeeping jobs, chef jobs, and also a manager for the functioning of the house. Each warrior has come forward to express their wish and share their thoughts. Finally, challengers have picked the following people for the respective jobs.

Chefs: Akhil Sarthak, Ariyana Glory, Natraj master, and Tejaswi Madiwada

House-Keeping: Mahesh Vitta, Ashu Reddy, Hamida and Sarayu

Manager: Mumait Khan

Nominated Contestants
Bigg Boss allowed the challengers to nominate warriors by picking some tag boards and hang over to their necks. The segment has gone on an interesting mode. Multiple heated arguments also took place.

Nominated contestants among warriors are Mumait Khan, Akhil Sarthak, Ariyana, Sarayu, Natraj Master, and Hamida.