Bigg Boss Telugu Non-Stop- Episode 93- 7 FinalistsBB Non-Stop is one of the entertaining reality shows in Telugu. The OTT version of the reality show is currently in its last week. There are a total of 7 members in the grand finale and by the end of next weekend, we will be witnessing the winner officially. Today’s episode is a mix of serious and fun elements.

Nagarjuna straightaway gave warnings to the housemates in the BB house. He mentioned that Baba lacked common sense that she is dancing in front of him near the stove and she did not make an attempt to stop her. He warned Ariyana to not attempt such kind of stupid things in the house. Nag warned Mitraw to not indluge into self-harm methods and strictly asked her to go out of the house if she wants to do something like that. Nag warned Bindu to respect others in the house properly, referring to her behavior towards Natraj. Nag also warned Natraj for his emotional outburst, asking God to kill him that he could not win the game.

Moments of Regret

The housemates will have one moment that they regret in their entire journey in the Bigg Boss house. Everyone shared the same.

Natraj: Week 11

where Natraj said that Bindu’s father failed in bringing her up and also asking God to kill him.

Siva: Week 2

where he said something to Sarayu that has a double meaning involved.

Ariyana: Week 11

where she danced on the kitchen slab in front of the stove.

Akhil: Week 7

where he unnecessarily used the word, ‘Bathroom’, while talking to Bindu

Mitraw: Week 11

where she attempted self-harm

Baba: Week 9

where he lost anger on Natraj

Anil: Week 3

where he lost his captaincy badge

Bindu: Week 7

where she made assumptions about another person saying something but in reality, it is not true.

Winning Speech

It is a small task where the housemates were asked to imitate others’ winning speeches.

Bindu delivered Akhil’s speech.
Natraj delivered Bindu’s speech.
Siva delivered Mitraw’s speech.
Mitraw delivered Siva’s speech.
Ariyana delivered Baba’s speech.
Anil delivered Ariyana’s speech.
Baba delivered Natraj’s speech.
Akhil delivered Anil’s speech.

Final Eviction

Nag informed everyone that there is a double eviction this week. Since Baba had the eviction free pass, Nag asked Baba if he wants to use it. Baba used it for himself. Had he not used it for himself, he would have been eliminated. Since he used it for himself, he is safe and there is only one elimination which is Natraj’s eviction. In the end, it was between Natraj and Anil. The housemates, except for Akhil, wanted Natraj in the house. Even the audience wanted Natraj to come out of the house.

Which animal suits the housemate

Before leaving the house, Natraj indicated animals that suit the housemates. According to it:

Race Gurram – Good gamer – Akhil
Dog – Unfaithful – Ariyana
Chameleon – Siva
Cat on the wall – Mitraw
King Cobra – Bindu
Fish – Anil
Buffalo – Baba

7 Finalists

The finale week will be celebrated with 7 finalists. They are Bindu Madhavi, Akhil Sarthak, Siva, Baba Bhaskar, Ariyana Glory, Mitraw Sharma, and Anil.