Bigg Boss Telugu Non-stop Episode 13The first-weekend episode of the Bigg Boss OTT version, BB Non-Stop has taken place in an interesting manner. With multiple funny games and interesting segments, the eviction episode has created good entertainment. As we already said, Mumait Khan is eliminated from the show. The show host Nagarjuna kicks off the show in a playful mood with dance performances and activities. However, the eviction result leaves the housemates in shock.

Nagarjuna, as usual, interacted with the inmates and spoke about their game.

-Nagarjuna appreciated Tejaswi Madiwada for becoming the first captain of the season.

-Nagarjuna showed a video of Ashu Reddy & Ariyana secretly having food by breaking the rule that warriors should not eat food before challengers did.

-Nagarjuna spoke with Siva asking him about his journey in the first week. A few female contestants called Siva ‘Pulihora Raja’ of the house as he is seen flirting with many.

-Nagarjuna appreciated Mahesh Vitta for his performance.

-Nagarjuna also said ‘Jai Srikrishna’ while talking to Akhil, reminding his relation with Monal in the house. On that note, Nag also asked everyone to be careful about cracking jokes on one another as it could trigger others unnecessarily.

*Burst the Bubble*
Nag asked the warriors to express their opinions about what challengers think about themselves but it is not true.

The warriors felt that RJ Chaitu thinks too much about tasks and constantly feels that strategy will help them win the tasks which are not true. They also said that Siva is passing time thinking he will somehow survive in the house. They also felt that Mitra is overconfident.

The warriors did not say much about Sravanthi, Bindu Madhavi, Anil Rathod, and Sree Rapaka. Nag asked them to open up more and express their emotions.

*Red Roses & Black Roses*

Nagarjuna asked the inmates to give one Red Rose to a person who they like in the house and the Black rose to the one who they hate in the house.

Tejaswi Madiwada received three roses and has earned, the most loved person tag.

Mitra, with five black roses, earned the most hated person tag.

Bigg Boss asked them to put those tags until further orders.

*Dance Competition*
One from the challengers and one from the warriors will have to hit the dance floor. Mitra-Mahesh, RJ Chaitu-Ariyana, Siva-Tejaswi, Bindu-Akhil, Sravanthi-Ashu, Rapaka-Natraj, Ajay-Mumait, Anil-Hamida are the dance partners.

Warriors won over challengers in the competition. Warriors scored 71 points while Challengers scored 64

*Final Eviction*
The final eviction was between Sarayu and Mumait Khan. Mumait was shocked to be in that place while Sarayu got tense that she will be out of the show in the first week itself, like in the last season. In the end, Mumait Khan is unsafe and has taken the exit door.

*Mumait’s Take on Eviction*
Mumait Khan felt that some of the inmates intentionally projected her as aggressive and a bad person because of which the audience did not vote for her, resulting in her eviction. She was extremely angry and emotional at the same time.

*Mumait gives Worst & Worthy tags*
Waste 5 – Siva, Chaitu, Sarayu, Mitra, Bindu
Worthy 5 – Akhil, Ajay, Tejaswi, Ariyana, Ashu