Bigg Boss Telugu: Housemates Almost Man-Handled During NominationsIt’s the sixth week of the Bigg Boss TV show. On this Monday, the nominations segment brought out the anger in two contestants. Adi Reddy and Rohith Saini had a heated argument during the nominations, and both lost their temper and went into a state of manhandling each other.

Basically, Adi Reddy was cornered by many housemates. Most of them nominated him, mentioning that Adi Reddy is lacking in the entertainment part. Many opined that Adi Reddy plays the game well but fails in entertaining the audiences, to which he disagreed. However, he promised everyone that he would definitely earn a tag that he is a great entertainer.

Adi Reddy nominated Marina Abraham, mentioning that Faima performed better than her. On Saturday, Nag asked Faima and Marina to decide among themselves who is a flop and who is hit. Eventually, the house decided that Marina is hit and Faima is flop. Adi Reddy pointed out the same and opined that Faima is better than Marina. However, Marina defended herself.

Later, Marina too nominated Adi Reddy. But, by that time, Rohith had already nominated Adi Reddy. Adi slipped into a psychological opinion that the real-life couple is backing each other and nominating Adi Reddy. Marina pointed out that Adi Reddy failed as a captain, and she was referring to an example. Rohith joined the conversation to give his point as well.

It is then Adi Reddy loses his temper and moved away from his place towards Rohith. Both argued and almost came on each other while the housemates intervened.

Both Rohith and Adi Reddy are known to be introverts in the house. Rohith comes as soft-spoken and Adi Reddy comes as someone who respects others. It is shocking to see them locking horns with each other.