Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6With the visitation of Revanth’s mother to the show, the family week successfully ended in the house. Just the little company, the housemates, spent with their family during the week, they seem to be very much revived from the emotional deprivation.

The last captaincy of the season took place in the house. The ball should be passed when the buzzer sound is heard and when the buzzer horns again, the contestant who has the ball in their hand can remove 2 players from the game. Yesterday the news of Inaya winning the captaincy task was leaked on social media and all her fans & supporters are very much on cloud9.

The happy congratulations for winning the task and reaching the semi-finals were outpouring on social media. As of now, only 9 participants are left in the house, while Adi Reddy, Revanth and Faima stand with strong competition to be the show winner. The grand finale date has been set. ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 6’ will end on December 18.

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