Bigg Boss TeluguBaladitya and Vasanthi Krishna are reportedly coming out of the Bigg Boss house in week 10. Their eviction comes as a big shock to everyone. Both are playing the game well and they definitely deserve to stay in the house for a couple more weeks in the house.

Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is in its sixth season and compared to all other seasons, the current season is not generating great interest among the audiences. There are currently 12 housemates competing for the title. Of all, 9 members are in the nominations in the tenth week.

As Sri Satya is the captain, she is safe. And then, no one nominated Rohith Saini and Rajasekhar.

Baladitya deserves to be in the top five for his behavior and game play in the house. But unfortunately, he is coming out of the house because of his less performance in the last two weeks.

Baladitya’s eviction will surely be a big shocker to everyone. On the other hand, it is a double eviction week. While Baladitya comes out of the house in Saturday’s episode, Vasanthi comes out in Sunday’s episode.

We have to see what the duo has to say before coming out of the house.