Bigg-Boss-Telugu-Admits-the-Worst-Gameplay-of-Season-6-Contestants-Bigg Boss Season 6 – Telugu has reported very low ratings for a couple of weeks. An average of at least 2-3 is what is expected on the least, but it seems like it was lower than that, citing it as the lowest ever recorded for such a show.

The team has analyzed that the rating drop is because of the gameplay of the contestants, and this is the main reason why the host, Nagarjuna, fired upon the contestants last month and slowly cooled down with the increase in rating.

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But yesterday, things were off the bat. During the captaincy contender task, the contestants were given to wear celebrity dress and entertain the audience, and all of them were performing so badly that the Bigg Boss himself intervened to stop the task. He summoned all of them into the garden area and fired upon them for lacking the interest and zeal to perform the task. He also said that they could leave the show & open the main door. He was also angry about the contestant who didn’t participate too and canceled this week’s captaincy task!

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