Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Two Soft Targets During First EliminationBigg Boss TV show  was relaunched for the fifth time in Telugu. With 19 contestants, the show went on air on Sunday to provide unlimited entertainment to the viewers. Like all the other seasons, Bigg Boss introduced the nominations in the Bigg Boss house on Monday.

Interestingly, unlike the previous seasons, the nominations episode of the fifth season generated curiosity and interest. Usually, the contestants will find reasons to nominate other persons in the first week but this time, most of the inmates expressed good reasons to nominate others.

Nominated Contestants in Week 1
Six contestants are in the elimination zone in the first week of the fifth season of the TV show.

Jaswanth Padala, Hamida, RJ Kajal, Sarayu, Anchor Ravi and Maanas Nagulapalli are in the elimination zone.

The nominations procedure in the house has given an insight into the behavior of some contestants who could either catch the limelight or get trolled for their behavior in the house.

The following are our initial observations on some of the contestants in the Bigg Boss house.

Soft Targets
Jaswanth Padala and Hamida are soft targets in the Bigg Boss house this time. During the nominations procedure, most of the contestants took their names. Actually, an incident took place between Jaswanth Padala and Hamida that created a rift between the two but all the other contestants took it as an advantage to point fingers at them.

Surprisingly, both became emotional during the procedure.

RJ Kajal seems to be the cleverest of all in the Bigg Boss house. Most of them nominated her for the reason that she is fully aware of the Bigg Boss TV show. The contestants claimed that Kajal has a better understanding of how the TV show performs since she had watched the show in different languages. They mentioned that she is a better strategist and a strong competitor.

Later, Kajal became emotional while defending herself. She mentioned that Bigg Boss is one of her favorite TV shows and she is excited to see herself in the TV show. She is surely a strong contestant but we have to see if she has the support of the audience.

Mr. and Ms. Attitude
In every season, there will be a few inmates who pose an attitude that irks others. When it comes to this season, Vishwa, Lobo, Sunny, and Lahari seem to have attitudes that could welcome them into serious issues with fellow inmates.

Most Misunderstood
For now, Sarayu, and Siri Hanmanth seem to be the most misunderstood contestants because of the conversations that took place during the nomination procedure.

Danger yet Safe
Luck always favors some contestants. In the first week, there are a few contestants who should have been in the danger zone (eliminations) but landed in a safe zone. They are Lobo, Sunny, Vishwa, Anne, Lahari, and Shanmukh Jaswanth.

Danger Bells
Among the six nominated contestants, Hamida and Jaswant Padala could be in a danger zone. The two inmates are the least popular. Anchor Ravi, RJ Kajal, Maanas Nagulapalli have a good following because of their presence in the TV industry. The three could mostly be in a safe zone. However, we have to see if Sarayu’s popularity on social media can help her in reaching the safe zone by the end of the first week.