Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Diwali Episode Special Sweets & Special Journey Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is in its fifth season. The team pulled out yet another special episode, on the occasion of Diwali. The 4-hour-long episode witnessed the entry of multiple guests into the Bigg Boss house.

Nagarjuna conveyed Diwali wishes to the inmates and sent sweets. He also played a video that summarized the 50-day journey of the housemates.

Letters from Families

Ravi, Lobo, Siri, Maanas, and Shanmukh who could not get to read the letters from the family members got a chance to read them in the special episode. They read the letters and became emotional.

Lady Boss Suma

Suma Kanakala made her entry into the Bigg Boss house. A glass chamber has been set up in the house because of the COVID protocols. She interacted with the inmates and discussed their games. She discussed Vishwa pushing Pinka, Sreeram feeling upset with Hamida’s exit, Shanmukh-Siri tracks, Maanas-Priyanka relation, Ravi’s dull game, Jessie not having a pair, Kajal’s gameplay, and Anee’s anger.

Deverakonda Brothers promotes Pushpaka Vimanam

Deverakonda brothers promoted the film Pushpaka Vimanam in the house. They played the film’s trailer and discussed it. Later, the duo discussed many things about the house by playing a game with the inmates.

Singer Kalpana dedicates songs to inmates

Singer Kalpana who participated in the first season of the Bigg Boss TV show came on the Bigg Boss stage and dedicated some songs to the inmates. She crooned popular songs in the house by changing lyrics as per the character of the inmates.

Baba Bhaskar & Avinash puts up a skit
Baba Bhaskar and Avinash were Ex-Bigg Boss contestants. They imitated the other inmates through the glass door. Both gave compliments to the inmates for their performances.

Tom & Jerry – Sohail & Ariyana in the house

Sohail and Ariyana who took part in the fourth season of the Bigg Boss house came to the fifth season. They played games in the house by dividing them into teams.

Sreeram, Shanmukh, Sreeram, Siri, Anee, Vishwa, Jessie – Team Sohail

Ravi, Sunny, Maanas, Lobo, Priyanka, Kajal – Team Ariyana

After playing the games, they left some gifts sent by families to the inmates.

Manchi Rojulochaie Promotions

Director Maruthi, actors Mehreen and Santhosh Shoban came to the house to promote their next film Manchi Rojulochaie. They played a game with inmates. The inmates did a role play. They turned salespersons and tried selling crackers in their style.

Shriya’s first appearance in Bigg Boss house
After a long time, Shriya made an appearance in the Bigg Boss house. The inmates danced to songs in the presence of Shriya and Nagarjuna.

Pairs & Games

Nagarjuna divided the inmates into pairs and tested them with different games.

Pairs: Shanmukh Siri | Sreeram Anee | Vishwa Lobo | Ravi Jessie | Maanas Priyanka | Sunny Kajal

Sweet & Spoon Game: Lemon & Spoon game where Lemon is replaced with Sweet.

Ravi & Jessie won.

Divas & Dice Game: Inmates will have to roll the dice and depending on the same, they will have to sacrifice divas given to them.

Shanmukh & Siri won.

Quiz by Rowdy Boys Game: Deverakonda brothers Vijay & Anand asked some questions.

Ravi & Jessie won.

After playing multiple games, it was a tie between Siri Shannu & Ravi Jessie. Finally, Ravi and Jessie won.

Dance Performances

Bigg Boss Season 4 contestants Divi Vadthya, and Monal Gajjar performed dance. Avika Gor too gave a dance performance.

Lobo eliminated

The final elimination was between Ravi and Lobo. Nagarjuna confirmed Lobo’s elimination in the end.

In the end, Lobo picked 5 inmates as his friends from the Bigg Boss stage. They are Vishwa, Ravi, Anee, Kajal, Sunny.

Bottom Line

This Diwali special episode is a mix of proper patakhas and some misfires! Some games impressed while some generated boredom. Suma, Vijay Deverakonda, and Anand Deverakonda made their presence felt. The other guests failed to entertain! The last round of elimination looked hurried.