Bigg Boss Season 6Bigg Boss season 6 is entering its final weeks. There are nine housemates left in the house who are contesting against each other for the top-5 spot. This week, the popular family reunion segment is going on and as always, these episodes are garnering a good response from viewers.

In the last couple of days, viewers have witnessed emotional moments when Rohit’s mother, Adi Reddy’s wife and daughter, Faima’s mother, Sri Satya’s parents and Raj’s mother visited the house.

Yesterday, it was not an emotional but a romantic episode because Srihan’s girlfriend Siri visited the house. As soon as she entered the house, Siri hugged Srihan and throughout the episode, they shared intimate moments with each other.

Siri surprised Srihan by revealing the tattoo with his name she inked on her back. Srihan got emotional at this moment. Not only Siri, but his son also visited Srihan. The little boy shared funny moments with all the housemates.

On the whole, the reunion of Siri and Srihan remained the highlight of the episode with a mix of romance, emotions and funny conversations.

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