Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu Episode 56The weekend episode of the 8th week has clearly shown Nagarjuna’s selected favoritism on some contestants. During the 8th week, almost all the inmates displayed flaws. But, Nagarjuna picked Sunny to shower criticism. If Sunny is wrong, then it is because other inmates provoked him but Nagarjuna did not criticize everyone equally.

What Nagarjuna did

– He started the episode by showering compliments on captain Shanmukh and ration manager Anee.
– Nagarjuna showed a video where Ravi was seen saying that he does not deserve the ongoing treatment in the Bigg Boss house, “Rules won’t change for you,” said Nag to Ravi.
– Nagarjuna asked Maanas if he is subjected to injustice in the house. Maanas raised the issue of Jessie being unfair as Sanchalak. Nag told that Sanchalak’s decision is final.
– Nagarjuna smoothly advised Anee not to give up. He supported Anee in her arguments with Sunny.
– Nagarjuna also advised Jessie that he should follow rules properly. Jessie already failed twice in following the task rules.
– Nagarjuna pointed out Sunny is wrong for kicking the gunny bag, picking fights with Anee, Shanmukh, and others. He also told that Sunny played the game well but should control his anger.

What Nagarjuna should have done

Nagarjuna majorly targeted Sunny but he did not discuss the issues that resulted in Sunny’s particular behavior. Sreeram provoked Sunny throughout the task. Anee provoked Sunny during the task and after the task. She provoked Sunny while he was in jail. She imitated badly after Puri making task which resulted in Anee’s anger. Because Jessie could not follow the rules properly, there were many disturbances in the house. Captain Shanmukh defended Jessie again. Nagarjuna did not talk to others who are the reason for Sunny’s behavior but passed one-sided judgment.

Sunny vs Anee

Before Nagarjuna came on the Bigg Boss stage, the inmates took part in a Puri Making competition. Maanas, Siri, Priyanka, Kajal, Jessie is team A. Ravi, Lobo, Vishwa, Anee, Sreeram is team B. The team that completes 50 Puris fastly will win. Team A did it first but there are some issues with Puri sizes. So, Sanchalak Shanmukh announced the victory of team B. Sunny asked Shanmukh to read the rules book once again before passing such judgments as Team A completed 50 Puris first. Sunny told that team A worked hard. Anee got offended and she came forward to pick a fight with Sunny and it turned ugly. Anee provoked Sunny and he told that Anee was from North India who could do Chapathi/Puri easily. The issue thus went to an extent where the inmates fought about the groups and favoritism.

Funny & Interesting games

For the first time in 8 weeks, the games during a weekend episode are impressive.

Snakes & Ladders

Each inmate revealed the name of other inmate who helps them to improve their game like a ladder and they also told the name of an inmate who kills their game like a snake.

Kajal – Ladder Sunny. Snake Sreeram
Ravi – Ladder Shanmukh. Snake Kajal
Jessie – Ladder Vishwa. Snake Sunny
Pinky – Ladder Maanas. Snake Lobo
Sunny – Ladder Maanas. Snake Shanmukh
Vishwa – Ladder Lobo. Snake Kajal
Lobo – Ladder Ravi. Snake Sunny
Sreeram – Ladder Anee. Snake Kajal
Anee – Ladder Ravi. Snake Kajal
Maanas – Ladder Sunny. Snake Ravi
Shanmukh – Ladder Siri. Snake Ravi
Siri – Ladder Shanmukh. Snake Sunny

Match the proverb with an Inmate

Nagarjuna read a proverb and the inmates decided who will be matched with it. The following is the final result.

Kukka thoka vankara – Jessie
Abadham aadina atikinattu undali – Ravi
Yemi leni aake egiregiri padutundi – Sreeram
Ranu ranu raju gurram gadidha ayindi – Kajal
Kandhaku leni durada kathiki enduku – Siri
Anthantha kodiki atheseru masala – Kajal
Dunnapothu meedha varsham kurisinattu – Lobo
Paina pataram lona lotaram – Sunny
Andhani draksha panlu pullana annatlu – Shanmukh
Yekula vachi mekula tagulukunnatlu – Ravi
Odekki varaku voda mallanna, voda digina tarvatha bodi mallanna – Maanas
Chetulu kaalaka aakulu patukoni em laabam – Anee

Diwali Special Episode

No one is safe yet. Sunday’s episode will be a Diwali episode which will begin at 6 PM.

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