Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu Episode 54The captaincy task in the Bigg Boss house came to an end successfully. However, the task created ripples among the inmates. Shanmukh is the new captain of the house.

Ventaadu Vetaadu

In the captaincy task, the inmates will have to carry gunny bags filled with thermocol balls. They will have to move in a circle and make sure others’ bag is empty. In each round, the inmate with less number of balls will be eliminated. All 6 inmates took part in the task.

Clarityless Sanchalak Jessie

Jessie is the Sanchalak of the particular task. Like how he failed to understand the secret task, he failed to understand this task too. As a Sanchalak, he made a couple of wrong decisions which resulted in Bigg Boss calling him to the confession room and explaining the rules once again. Even during the task, Jessie is all over the place and failed to make the right decisions at the right time.

Sreeram provoked Sunny

Sreeram Chandra provoked Sunny during the task. Sreeram attacked Sunny first and ensured Sunny is out of the game. After coming out, Sunny supported Maanas but Sreeram told that Sunny is not playing independently. It did not go well with Sunny who immediately argued with Sreeram that he has no right to say that. The argument went to the next level while Sunny walked towards Sreeram in anger. The other inmates had to separate them.

Anee’s Crocodile Tears

Anee participated in the captaincy task. In the last but one round, she is left with Siri and Shanmukh. Even before they started playing the game, she began shouting that Siri and Shanmukh are playing together and there is no place in the Bigg Boss house for those who play independently. She gave a fight but at one point, gave up. She voluntarily came out of the game despite others asking her to play the game. After coming out, she started crying that everyone is playing together and no one is playing individually. Eventually, she also yelled at captain Sunny who reached out to her to console her.

Shanumkh as Captain

Finally, Shanmukh became the new captain. He already started gaining support by talking to one another.