Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 50Bigg Boss Telugu TV show successfully completed 50 days. In the 50 days, seven contestants are eliminated. Currently, there are 12 members in the house. As usual, Sunday ended began on a fun note and ended on an emotional note.

Bigg Boss Shield for Anee

Nagarjuna announced that one of the contestants will get a Bigg Boss shield on Sunday. It will act as a special power to the contestant. All the inmates played different games where the contestants are knocked out, one by one.

In the end, Anee won the game and she bagged the Bigg Boss shield.

Nagarjuna asked Anee to protect it properly.

Nomination Drama between Anee & Priya

The final nomination segment took place between Anee and Priya. Nagarjuna asked them to enter into special rooms created near the main gates. After they entered it, Nag told the inmates that one of them will come back to the house. When checked, both the rooms are empty. After some drama, Anee entered the house and Nag confirmed Priya’s eviction.

Priya’s Progress report on inmates

On the Bigg Boss stage, Priya gave marks to the inmates and wished them the best. The following are the marks that she awarded to different inmates.

Maanas – 10 | Priyanka – 100 | Anee – 10 | Ravi – 7 | Lobo, Vishwa – 5 | Siri, Shanmukh – 8.5 | Jessie – 7 | Sunny – 9 | Kajal – 7 | Sreeram – 8

Shanmukh scared of girlfriend Deepthi

Priya asked Shanmukh if she has to pass any message to his girlfriend Deepthi. Nagarjuna too joined the conversation and Shanmukh confessed that he is scared of his girlfriend Deepthi Sunaina. “I am not scared at my home but I am scared of her, sir,” he told Nagarjuna.

Vishwa in jail

After Priya’s eviction, Vishwa is sent to jail. He is the worst performer last week.

Lobo broke Ravi’s heart

Lobo went into the secret room and had a private conversation about his opinions on the inmates. Lobo completely told negative things about Ravi which is quite shocking for him and everyone in the house. Ravi told the same to Lobo that he feels heartbroken.