Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 46Bigg Boss TV show witnessed a special episode on Wednesday. The fight between Priya and Sunny has taken the center stage. Just like the promo, their fight also put the house on fire.

Special Tasks
Vishwa and Sreeram won a chance to take part in the special tasks. Vishwa and Kajal played a game. The contestant among the two, who wears maximum clothes will get 5 extra eggs. Vishwa won it. Later, Sreeram and Anee played a game where they will have to hold ducks in their hands and make sure they don’t put them on the ground. Anee won the task and won 5 extra eggs.

Secret Task
Jessie was assigned a secret task in the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss asked him to make sure three contestants are left with no eggs by the end of the game. Bigg Boss also told Jessie that he can take assistance from any of the inmates. Jessie took Siri’s assistance. They spoke to Priya, Priyanka, and Shanmukh who agreed to keep their egg count zero.

Chempa Paguluddhi
During the task, Priya tried to steal eggs from Sunny, and to protect his eggs, Sunny held his basket tight. During the tussle, Priya was hurt. She got angry and told, “Chempa Paguluddhi” to Sunny. Sunny could not take it and he also shouted at Priya. Both argued and yelled at each other for a long time. The atmosphere in the Bigg Boss house was changed all of a sudden. There was a heated environment. Priya constantly told that she would slap Sunny if he does not give respect to her or shout at her. She even took Sunny’s basket again and tried to steal eggs twice. Kajal was also trolled by Priya as she supports Sunny. Priya imitated Kajal and provoked her but Kajal did not lose her temper. This was the major segment that caught everyone’s attention in the current episode.

Shanmukh -Aata lo Aratipandu
Shanmukh becomes Aatalo Aratipandu in this task. Jessie got a secret task and Siri is assisting him. They told Shanmukh to not play the task. He was dull throughout the day. As per the next episode’s promo, Shanmukh feels disappointed that Siri and Jessie did not reveal the plan to them.

Lobo’s Entry in House
Lobo will enter the Bigg Boss house in the next episode.